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  1. Dedicated servers?

    Thanks for the reply @Radack! Firstly about the mods Hmm that is a shame. Was very much looking forward to the possibilities of it. Always considered mods to be a key factor in replay-ability. (Not saying their will be faults in the enjoyment of the game itself. Just suggestion that some users prefer to customise the games they play.) However I am aware of how mod support creates a weakened security and provides benefits for hackers. About the renting of the servers Developers choosing hosting partners is fair enough. And I can imagine little ability for you to speculate on such prices, however that is not my concern. What would be the incentive for renting such servers? I'm assuming that identity itself will have it's own servers which would have linked player-data much like DAYZ servers. Would these servers you can rent be separate from this?
  2. Hello! So, I'm a passionate gamer and i have been playing games all my life. I have taken a large interest into the workings of games and such have gotten into modding (ethically. Aint standing for no cheaters here!) and hosting. So I guess my question is: Are players going to be able to host their own dedicated servers? And on top of that if there is, will they be able to run custom code on the servers for example admin mods etc? I have plenty of suggestions and questions on this topic! Hmu with a comment