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Found 7 results

  1. Real estate

    I’ve seen the apartments for sale and I’m pretty impressed. Really looking forward to seeing some homes.
  2. Hamilton Homes Information Our Website Our FAQ Our Identity Page Jobs Available Landlord Security Guard Salary / Wage Unfortunately, with the island not yet being available, it would be foolish of us to reveal specific numbers right now, but we'll let you know closer to the time! We can, however, promise that it'll be a job you enjoy coming back to! Other Questions Be sure to check the Identity Page and FAQ if you haven't done so already. If your question has still not been answered, please use the Support Form here. How To Apply Visit our website here to apply.
  3. Hamilton Homes

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION Hi there! I'm Brian Hamilton, Founder of Hamilton Homes. Who Are We? Hamilton Homes are a Real Estate company, renting out some of the most beautiful and stunning penthouses, apartments and cottages on Identity Island. (Whilst Identity is not yet released, we are unable to provide any images of available homes. See HERE for placeholder images) What makes you so special? Well, we offer a unique service to our residents called "My Home". Allow me to explain further. When a client has decided upon a house and has announced that they are interested in renting it for the pre-agreed price, they will be informed about our "My Home" services which include the following: Local Landlord Contact Information There will always be one of our Hamilton Home Landlords living relatively close (but not too close, don't worry ) who will be in charge of ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of the local Hamilton Homes' residents. Tri-Monthly Check-Up Phone Call from the Local Landlord You can also use the "My Home" section of the website to request a Check-Up Visit earlier if you wish. 24/7 Security 24 Hours, 7 Days of the week. Once you move in, the Local Landlord, whilst providing other information, will provide contact information for the local Security Team area who will be ready to dispatch someone should you, on the very rare chance, need them. You can also request them for both NON-Urgent & Urgent responses via the "My Home" section of the website. Partially-Lenient With Rent Whilst we will always expect you to be ready to pay at the start of each month, we understand that, yes, it's not always possible and sometimes "things" happen and you just need a few more days. We don't want to be "bad guys" who pressure you and threaten eviction which is why we allow residents to give the local Landlord 48 Hours due notice via the "My Home" section of the website. Leniency is dependent on the Landlord's decision. First time postpone requests are always permitted. So, what is this "My Homes" section? In a nutshell, it's the section of the website where residents can contact their Local Landlords via a form and receive useful information if they need assistance. All residents, upon moving in, will be issued a unique number which will be known as their individual "Resident Number" (Resident No.). This is so Landlords can easily identify which house is being referenced and who is submitting a request/support question, however, it also acts as a form of security so that we can tell if the form is being used by a non-resident. Any codes which don't match anything on our records will be automatically drafted to a separate "junk submissions" spreadsheet so they don't get filtered in with the legitimate ones (technology is amazing nowadays, isn't it?) Is Hamilton Homes affiliated with any political parties? NOPE! Hamilton Homes is it's own company. We do not affiliate with any specific political party and are not in any form of relation with The Hamilton Party. I feel that for Hamilton Homes to be truly successful in it's goals (to provide as many people as possible with a home they love), we need to avoid getting mixed in with politics and seeming biased or tied to a specific party or Governor candidate. Where can I find a link to your website? Uh oh, looks like you went past it already. It's at the very top of the thread, under our GIF banner but I won't make you scroll back up. It's here. Got any questions? Please feel free to post below or use our Support Form on the home page of the website. Hamilton Homes will only be fully released and ready once the full game is released and the entire island has been opened. We will mainly operate on official servers.
  4. Alpha Homes and Condos

    Alpha Homes and Condos is a real estate company that provides safe and affordable homes for all Identity players. To learn more about Alpha Homes, visit our website.
  5. Money System

    I wonder what our abilities will be as far as purchasing items. Will it be like most games where you have to have money in your account to purchase something in full? Or will there be nifty in game financing options for everything of large fiscal value that you may pay for monthly out of your check? i would love to see some real life payment systems in the game such as: Buy here pay her Bank loans Bank financing Dealer financing Buy with credit Dynamic credit score based on how responsible you are with money (which could make interest rates better on large purchases) Interest Rates Mortgage Lease Agreements Down payments I think it would be really cool to have many different options to pay for something large, like a vehicle per say, we all know how hard impossible it is to go down to the dealership with $40,000 in hand and buy a car. I want to see ways to own something nice while making individually dynamic monthly payments based on how well you treat your credit from day one in the game. Maybe even have a Repossession career for ill payers, or make your credit suffer when you miss a payment. All just an idea i thought of to increase over all immersion into the game. What are your thoughts on this system?
  6. In real life I am a farmer, I homestead and am working to grow my own food. Wouldnt that be an awesome idea inside this game! For people to be able to choose if they want to reside in a suburb or rural area, the woods or the country with the ability to build your own home. Not only that if people could own pets, like cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes etc. Dogs could bark and attack, make it a challenge for those who take the criminal route and want to burglarize a home. There are also multiple breeds of these animals. if you choose a more country survival aspect of the game, to grow your own vegetables and animals like cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and be able to breed them, sell and choose which animals you want to eat. These animals also come in a variety of heritage breeds and hybrids. And each animal has benefits to keeping them. For example, some chickens are more meaty, some chicken breeds are more likely to hatch out chicks. Some are bigger than others. The players can choose how to breed them and sell them on the market or eat them. Some people can choose to be farmers, which can contribute to the markets and stores for non farming citizens to eat. If horse riding, ownership and breeding was allowed that would be fun too! Horse racing that people could place bets in. Also including various breeds. It would allow people to profit and diversify people's occupations. A way for people to understand how important it is to have farming and farmers in society would really benefit this game. As a farmer myself if anyone involved in the games creation wants to get my advice and knowledge on farming and animals involved in farming I'd be glad to help!
  7. Housing and Money

    How would homes work? For say, if I made an epic house that I really loved in server x, but then transferred to server y, would my home stay the same? Same goes for currency