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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, the reason I've come here to ask this is because me and a small party of friends have been traveling from many different mmo's trying to find a new game to really sink our teeth into but the biggest issue we've had is having to spend A LOT of money just to get access to half of the games features after paying for the game itself. Example: we've purchased a game for £25/$30 which allows us access to create our characters and play BUT if we want a house or maybe a car/mount we'd often end up having to pay ANOTHER £25/$30 just for that. We don't mind paying for the game itself after all developers have to earn money and we all don't mind putting money towards that and we are no strangers to hard work so things such as grinding are completely fine so long as theres no pay to with issues. Anyway what we want to know is... 1). The houses we can buy within the game could we earn the money within the game OR do we have to place real life money towards it ? 2). Things such as vehicles, clothing, decorations ect ect can we also purchase it through hard work in the game OR do we have to put real life money towards it ? 3). For us to climb up in rank (if there is a ranking system in the game) do we have to put real life money towards that as well ? NOTE: I know this will come off as ungrateful so I do apologize in advance, we've had some real nasty luck with up coming mmo's lately and the biggest issues are either having to put large amounts of money towards them just to get anywhere or "pay to win" issues. We are really interested in this game because it really appeals to our role playing BUT we just don't feel right purchasing a "passport" without knowing the following questions above so I hope you can understand where we are coming from here.