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Found 5 results

  1. Custom Tattoos

    I was just wondering if we would be able to do custom tattoos on the game. Im a tattoo artist IRL and would love to draw up custom tatttoos and run a shop in the world.
  2. Gang Tattoos

    HOW cool would it be if you could get a tattoo to symbolize that you are in a gang?! Also, that people could give tattoos and stuff, that would be just purely AWESOME! Thanks for listening, and you should allow tattoos in prison, as that seems really epic. (The tattoos should be permanent and require a lot of money to remove)
  3. Tattoo Talk

    Alright beautiful people of the forums, its time for another idea thread: Todays Talk - Tattoo I wanna know what you people would like to see as far as tattoos, designs, coverage and patterns. I personally would like full possible body including hands, neck and feet too. Even fingers. I would like to be able to design my own but also have a load of preset ones from all cultures including traditional triad, stick n poke and your generic tattoos. Also include a photo if need be, because they are preferred.
  4. types of tattoos

    does anyone know what type of tattoos you can get where u can have them???
  5. Tattoos

    So ok we got tattoos but if we can't make them, the zodiac signs should def be incorporated as a lot of people like to flaunt their birth signs.