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  1. What to do with cheaters?

    I think you guys are forgetting that fact that cheaters/hackers don't and won't play by the roleplay rules. So you cannot deal with them using roleplay actions. An admin will have to handle them or they will have to have some kind of anti-cheat program in place.
  2. actual roleplay/rp in other games

    I feel like this would be a good thing to do, of course we don't know the numbers of people that will be playing the game once it releases. I know just from looking at games like Arma or garrys mod though that they have that issues of many servers with little to no players on them.
  3. Alpha Testing

    Think of Town Square as the Social Module that star citizen released. It is similar, but they also have done a lot of work before they even made those open to the public. You never really saw the "alpha" stage. It is more beta.
  4. Greetings from AU

    This is why I'll never goto Australia, but Welcome!
  5. Controlled Choas

    I understand how thing are suppose to work and play out, But I always know there is people out there who will just try to wreck the whole roleplay and world for everyone who actually cares about the game and experiencing it. For me personally I can see that If I was new to this game and got griefed a ton in the first hours, I would be a bit upset. Mostly because I know that's not how the game is suppose to play. I've had this issue first hand with Arma Life mods and other Roleplaying servers. When the roleplay is good and everyone is doing their job, It is some of the best experiences you've had, but most of the time it's you getting randomly killed, run over, or a 10 year old saying your mom over and over. Hopefully the community will be a lot more mature and harder to access unless you truly want to get into it. Of course this is me looking at it from a more semi-serious roleplay point of view.
  6. "Like Limit"?

    I liked this post.
  7. Player scale in the Open World

    I'm guessing most things will be done by players. I'm sure the few automated things will have NPCs you talk too.
  8. Controlled Choas

    Yeah, those things would really help things run smoothly.
  9. Player interactions

    "I need police to the 8th Street apartments we have a man trying to fight people, He is getting rather out of control..... Oh...there goes the table....and window..." haha
  10. Controlled Choas

    Thought I'd add something to this section. So, most of us know that there will be elections, and people will be able to vote and elect someone to control the laws, taxes, ect. I'm assuming there will be limits still put on these things? Will there be a process to being elected so as to keep down on it being griefed and someone with a few friends getting them elected and then messing up the laws, taxes, or making inappropriate laws. example: racist, genocide. I'm assuming that there will be admins monitoring certain things like this though and removing people as needed?
  11. Player interactions

    Wonder If the cops can be called if your house party gets too awesome.
  12. DrFelixPhD Signing In Once Again

    I look forward to your posts. /
  13. Suddenly, Traidable

    Welcome! I followed before as well, but didn't pledge till recently. Look forward to seeing you around.
  14. Hello!

    Welcome! I also donated for that package. Look forward to seeing you around!
  15. Norway174 reporting for duty!

    Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around!