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Found 2 results

  1. I've read that you'll be able to find your friends using steam(Dev Blog #004 - A Friendlier Place), that means that the game is also going to use VAC against cheaters or it's going to have its own Asylum anti-cheat? Also if you'll have VAC on your steam account will you still be able to play on official and unofficial IDENTITY servers?
  2. What will be done to those who will(Almost Inevitably) cheat in this game? Just a straight up ban? Something like CSGO's Overwatch(Assuming it would be used in the SWAT module e.t.c.?) Like in titan fall where they are only put into matches with other cheaters? ^^ (These can be considered suggestions) Anyway, really excited about this game, probably one of my many questing to be asked. Curiously, Reaperman