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  1. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    2nd Infantry or 1st Calvary Division right?
  2. What fields of police are you looking forward to?

    This would be known as the Capital Police which is a branch of the Federal Law Enforcement, they have to be highly trained and need more (almost always) then a high school degree. You also have to take a full medical examination and polygraph test, to make sure you are able to join.
  3. Military? Nation Guard?

    I don't believe military would be involved but more of a highly trained security unit that is heavily trained even more then the SWAT.
  4. Secret Service?

    Well since it is a Governor and not the president this will not be secret service but Capital Police, a designated unit in the police for that look like the Secret Service but usually contain a small badge this of course depends on the state. Usually the SUV's they use are or have designated code placed on the bumber rather than the license plate but this again depends on who they are securing this I know for a fact is like this with Congress men.
  5. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    Where have you been deployed/stationed man?
  6. Fbi?

    They said there would be the DEA and the FBI would be an interesting addition to the police such as going after high priority mob bosses using their access to local security cameras and stuff. NSA would also be interesting, hacking into stuff even though they say they are not putting terrorist in game I think we could use this as like a event to make RP more interesting.
  7. So whose putting there names down for elections

    I promote a unified community rather then separation because of their personal life or how much money you make, we all are good people and we need to realize we all our human beings I promote freedom I promote a future we could all live in, together!
  8. So whose putting there names down for elections

    Wherever Liberalism is involved in the economy is a start to us losing what we own. What we fought so hard for day and day out. Liberalism overly charges buisness almost every single time driving them to bankruptcy, and what about the people that can't eat, the ones that have no food if all the welfare is going into corporations how is schooling going to get through or paying or our security this will not happen successful this will be good for our economy but certainly not the people making the 1% go to .5% in which these people are treated like loyalty we want to create a larger rich population not making it smaller by helping which one is more successful this is completely off and will work if you are amongst the 1% but not if you wish to become.
  9. Just need some confirmation :)

    I guarantee we will have a Donald Trump running for governor... he will probably win to. lol
  10. End Game of Identity?!

    Dang umm... If you need someone to talk to. I'm here for you.
  11. NEW Role Play Thread

  12. NEW Role Play Thread

    *he looks to Elexis* "I've done all I can but again I will talk to you all later maybe even in like five minutes but this will take some damn time alright."
  13. NEW Role Play Thread

    *he gets extremely close to Jonathon and looks almost suggestive and give the lightest whisper to exist even Jonathon could barely hear* "I have the prison bus routes."
  14. NEW Role Play Thread

    "Now I have a couple phone calls to make and take, important ones... going to need Kevin's number." *he looks to Jonathon* "He needs to know he's not in trouble."
  15. NEW Role Play Thread

    "Again I'm not a officer Russo a lawyer and a politician so two of the biggest liars on earth." *he laughs abit* Jonathon, you will be seeing Kevin shortly I have a feeling, now I suppose you could go with Elexis for now."