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Found 5 results

  1. Hey-o, peoples of Identity. Trist (Triste), Here Decided to actually make a forum/main site account and prepare to pay for one of the packages, and get ready to suit up and get to trying out the Town Square module when it arrives. With that, I've come to ask a few questions and at the same time introduce myself so at least in my mind, I'm not stranger. So I'm not sure as to which Thread (immigration or Q&A) to put this under. My name is Tristen, 22, and my real life occupation is that of a Vet Technician, schooling for said job in progress as well. My hobby is actually in visual design (freelancing for people who want work done for small if any amounts of $), I see myself as amateur-ish, but if this game can utilize that skill and actually open up possible jobs in-game, I'll take that. Actually have quite a few friends with the same skills who are interested in the game as well, most likely we're looking to utilize it. Or even as a EMT/Paramedic, since that lands in a medical job field. (Just saying this for possible job offers in the future?) I'm still not sure if this is the right thread for it, since this is a mixture of things. Brand new to the forum part of Identity, Anyways, lets get this started if anyone's interested in filling me in. I haven't looked into what features/aspects will be implemented, so sorry if I seem dull. - Servers. Wealth, all items acquired, character skills/jobs, businesses, player owned homes. Are they all cross-integrated between official servers? Meaning, business buildings, home location, money, etc; stick to certain servers or available in all? Or is it that important to choose a server to have your business HQ? Or is there a whole character/bank/bundle benefits dedicated to a server? This part is what confuses me the most. - It seems like there's a ton of stores/businesses/services already being setup, well beyond than I even expected. How am I even going to go about starting something I'd be interested in if there's already large groups? As a job that can utilize someone experienced in visual design/medical fields? Which also leads me to my first question about businesses being tied to a certain server, and if I would have to look out for ones already populated with entrepreneurs. -It seems like there's a lot of talk about ladder structures for careers, IE, Police, Government, Store management, employees/employers. Are those positions created and filled/hired by the leaders/owners of those establishments, or is there some sort of skeleton that the players organize around? -And last one, Am I too late too this party?
  2. Hi

    Hi there fella's, My name is Yordi, almost 21 years old and studying the science of programming. I'm born and raised in the Netherlands and like to program in my freetime aswell playing/watch soccer and hangout with my mates. I like to play MMORPG games, as I play RuneScape sometimes and hopefully Identity! Saw the game trailer on youtube two days ago and already felt in love with the awesome aspect of this game. So I'm really looking forward to see some more stuff about this game. Haven't bought a beta-subscription yet unfortunately, but I'm thinking about it to support the developers and ofcourse for my own good (playing the beta!) I'm still thinking about it tho, so hope you guys will give me the last push to make the final decision. Well, thanks for reading and have a good one!
  3. Star Citizen is an upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat computer game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. The development includes a single-player campaign titled Squadron 42. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Chris Roberts' company Cloud Imperium Games and its European counterpart Foundry 42 and marketed under the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiary Roberts Space Industries. The games are built on Amazon Lumberyard. Originally planned for a release in 2014, and again in 2016, there is as of 2017 no official release date, and the game is still in active development. Squadron 42 was originally announced for a late 2015 release, but was delayed. As of May 2017, the game's website lists 2017 for release. I WILL DELETE THIS POST AFTER A WHILE, I DID THIS COZ OF THE PEOPLE KEEP ON COMPARING GAMES WITH EACH OTHER WITH NO REFERENCE POINT WHAT SO EVER , AND STILL ON STAR CITIZEN THE GAME HAD A PUBLIC CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE AND HUGE budget , STILL THE GAME GOT DELAYED SO MANY TIMES , what am asking stop this BULLSHIT PLEASE
  4. Hello! Im a new member of this forum and Im about to buy one of the gamepacks or whatever you call it.. and I read about modules somewhere? So I wonder what "modules" are and what is the purpose?
  5. Greetings! Hellsvien

    Greetings everyone. Let me introduce myself. I'm Hajile Setroc, a general trucker who seeks fortune within the great lands of Identity. I'm hopefully going to own a freight trucking company eventually. I'm a solid role-player and I'm really looking forward to getting into this awesome new game when it's released!