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  1. Dev Blog

    I like how last months they spoke about how they hired a rep to help be more transparent. haha not one bit of information since then
  2. Release DATE????

    FAQ (last updated 2015) lol Ive been following this for two years and i'm really getting disappointed.
  3. Tax/Economy Realism

    i question what the taxes go to other than police, ambulance, firefighter (also wonder what firefighters will be doing 98% of the time) With no road maintenance, military (other than policing), healthcare (disease's etc) Not sure what else the taxes are used for since there isnt any options to keep building infrastructure. I mean a flat rate of 10% of everyone including the govt workers seems like WAY more than enough to pay a couple dozen officers, unless my idea of this scale is way off lol. Its hard to wrap my head around numbers until you know max server size, police ratio, how important fire and medics will be etc. Still, all exciting thoughts.
  4. Spam posts

    But seriously, you gotta try the... NEW MEGA DICK SOAP!!! 19.99!!! TWELVE STROKES AND IT'L BE TWICE THE LENGTH! I agree though.. These ads are brutal. They should implement some type of code or registration from now on that you need to make a forum account. Like a CD key or something that comes with every copy of Identity sold. Make em pay for it.
  5. How long?

    regardless, luckyduck you are a forum god. appreciate everything you do here man!
  6. How long?

    I highly doubt it will ever be for console, it would be years if any possibility. The mapping alone would be a nightmare. PC FOR LIFE
  7. What server is everyone planning on playing on?

    cuckmasters 5000, on our server we go house to house and bang your wives for a payment. The rest of the server will be autonomous. ITS GUNNA BE HUGE, GREAT, THE WALL
  8. Which game reminds you of identity the most?

    star citizen, lol its like identity hit warp speed and jumped 800 years
  9. Gunrunning RP Thread #1

    ""Marco, where the f*ck have you been. The Goodman files have been missing for two days and all you can do is sleep?!"" *disgustingly Marco sits up and has another sip of his scotch from last night* "who the hell do you think you are calling me on my day off, ive been out of the game since we iced his wife" ""Things have changed, they know about you and me. We're done for"" *Marco rolls out of bed and with a hungover pace, he puts his pants on and rests his pistol into his weathered leather holster tucked around his belt loop* "Do not call me on this line again, meet me at Mulligans at six..." "eh, bring your rifle" *Laying back on the bed marco tosses the phone across the room and reaches for his wrinkled shirt under the blankets* "This fckin shit again"
  10. Blake Gillman for Mayor!

    I demand legalized Marijuana! TAX ME IF YOU MUST. But seriously, love the effort. I see these campaigns and wonder how do you know what server you will be on and if the people who you get to see this will even be on the same server let alone time zone. But fck it, you got my vote.
  11. Kids in game

    quit making us look bad junior lol
  12. Looking For Work

    Looking for good solid work in a RP server, will have all mic communications. 25 Year old male, willing to do dirty jobs or good solid jobs Determined to work my way up the ranks very quickly. Wanting a determined crew and to rise to the top. I DO NOT want to work for anyone under 20, team player and ready to fuck shit up with you whether its delivery or stealing from a bank *needs to be north american server*
  13. Hey everyone, I hear a lot about the "new website" and some people seeming to know about car mods and town updates. Id like to ask the community if they have heard or seen anything to post it here so we can all see whats up. I love the development updates and dev blogs and watching countless hours on youtube of old over played videos and content. Id love to see some new information on anything!
  14. This is sweet, I didn't see this footage anywhere. When was this released? The paints are deadly