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Found 4 results

  1. Could you be a kid or an animal? Because in my mind some kids could be playing as an adult, and they have a high-pitched voice. To me that's pretty weird. And the animal feature. Someone might want to be a dog, cat, shark, etc. This is an idea and a question.
  2. Before i start i know some of them will hate this but its i need to be honest if you played a RP like samp Dark RP you know how its barely playable because of so many kids and immature i know most will argue that not all kids are immature but mature kids is rare and they all do is cause trouble . and in every game there is ban mute kick etc but still its not stoppable so we dont have choice .. we either need to make seperate server for kids so many of kids will join there so others left to enjoy the game without them or like a guy said about subscription in another thread to avoid this or any new method ... so what do you guys think
  3. Schools as tutorials?

    Everybody knows that tutorials suck, I think the best way to solve the problem of educating players without a tutorial is (optional) schooling. Maybe it could go as far as having actual classes where people could teach things like programming.
  4. Kids in game

    I'm guessing that people 7+ might want to play this game so what is the dev team gonna due about it. You can't totally exclude them from the game, if you add kid only zones, there will be a ton of people trying to take advantage of them or harassing them.