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Found 5 results

  1. Designing&Creating 3D Models

    Are we able to create our own models (and textures) and import them into Identity to sell them in-world? Such as with 3DS Max, Maya 3D, Blender etc.
  2. Recuriting Models

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello citizens of Identity Island. At Folie Couture we are looking for people to model our Clothes, Bags and Shoes. Along with payment you will receive an in store discount of 35%. ------------------------- If you are interested fill in this form and leave it below. --------------------------- Name: Age: Height: Ethnicity: Hair Color: Eye Color: Head Shot (if applicable): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- About us -------------------------------------------------- Folie is one of the leading high fashion luxury goods manufacturers based in Identity Island. We specialize in Luxury leather goods, Clothing and Shoes such as Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Coats, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Stocking, Boots, Heels, Flats and Sneakers. We offer a variety of additional services in store to ensure the best shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Additional services -------------------------------------------------- Custom Designs If you are looking for a certain Size, Pattern or Shape we offer custom Clothing, Handbags and Shoes. You can submit your design to one of our associates or work personally with one of our specially trained designers. Personal Shoppers If you don't have the time to come into our store or but still want a personalized experience we offer specially trained Personal Shoppers who will select items that would match your requests and will have them delivered to you. Food & Drink We offer a selection of exclusive food and drink made by our professional chefs to ensure a comfortable shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Our Products -------------------------------------------------- Dresses Coats Suits Shoes Sneakers Boots Heels Handbags -------------------------------------------------- Prices -------------------------------------------------- Handbags 1000-1,000,000+ Jewelry 150-1,000,000+ Clothing 60-50,000 Shoes 150-35,000 -------------------------------------------------- Jobs -------------------------------------------------- -Designer- 3 -Photographer- 5 -Model- 6 -Security- 6 -Delivery- 4 -Sales Associate- 15 -P.R- 1 -Intern- 3 -Director of Finance - 1 -Model Scout- 2 Message Bella_B to apply for a job! ------------------------------------------------------------- Store Location ------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Constantly I'm seeing threads from new citizens who are asking if there will be functional vehicles in the game and everything is really scattered. As the Street captain of Underground Racing, I will archive all the threads which will answer questions or suggestions concerning vehicles in this thread only. Feel free to discuss anything around the vehicles implemented in the game. -SilberDrachen893, Elexis Karina @ Underground Racing