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Found 4 results

  1. (not sure if this has already been posted) ok, i KNOW i'm not the only girl/person who HATES the way the female characters in GTA 5 Online look (or just the entire game). I felt the same way about Saints Row too and probably Fallout 3/4. I get that the video game industry is trying to tone down on the over sexualization of women, but did they really have to make us look like men instead??! The shoulders were SOOO wide and the way they walked seemed so boyish too. Personally i would 100x rather play as an over sexualized character than be forced to look like the f*cking hunchback of notre dame. point is, plEASSE make the girl characters look/walk normal!!!!!
  2. Tow Truck/ Body Shop

    Just wondering if this type of job has been considered as a coded career? The tow truck drivers/ body shop owners could be paid by players who need repairs or vehicle mods, or be paid by the "city" if towing and storing a vehicle that was damaged or confiscated during a police action.
  3. Body Size??

    Hello i have a suggestion! Many MMO Games Don't have the option to make a character chubby or fat Which I Think would benefit nicely here. yeah Maybe not many people would make their Character fat but what if someone doesnt want to make their character skinny and beautiful. Because lets face it, not everyone in real life are skinny and beautiful/ handsome.
  4. Morgue job?

    What if instead of bodies just disappearing into nothingness we could add a job that is connected with the police force that will clean up dead bodies from a crime scene? Like they come pick up the dead body, put it in a morgue and when the police is done investigating the crime, they burn the body. Wouldn't that be a lot more immersive then just disappearing into thin air?