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Found 3 results

  1. Body Size??

    Hello i have a suggestion! Many MMO Games Don't have the option to make a character chubby or fat Which I Think would benefit nicely here. yeah Maybe not many people would make their Character fat but what if someone doesnt want to make their character skinny and beautiful. Because lets face it, not everyone in real life are skinny and beautiful/ handsome.
  2. What kind of character do you plan to make? what style of clothes!~ Post pics of what stuff you'd like for your character to wear and look like to help the devs with ideas on what make!~ Id really like to create someone like minzy from 2ne1 Id like to be able to make an asian that looks cute, and has a kick as funky style to her
  3. I have a question about the Identity module when the Town Square releases. If I am able to customize my character in the town square module, would I be able to transfer my customized character from the module to the beta version from identity, and to the full release of identity in 2017? Thank you!