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  1. Really? Oh, I had heard it was going to be a small part of the main city.
  2. Modding ! :D

    I dont see the part where this game should need mods, but I think maybe something more likely plugins for unofficial servers could be cool. It could let these servers be more customized without the problems of mods, do events, change little dynamics (for example an advanced warn system) without being limited to the server-config developers will create. But, anyway, the developers will decide what is better.
  3. I think it will realease on May 12 Friday, it looks a good day. The first thing i will do is walk around the city, I'm curious how it will be, the buildings, the town square, the size...
  4. Create Your Identity

    Name: Alex HoĆ¼ler Age: 22-23 From (City, Country): From Norway. Appearance (Body, Face): Tall, pale, slim, short brown hair. Attire: Casual clothes (Jeans, jacket, T-shirt...). Job: Searching job as driver (bus, cab, limo, truck...). Detail of House: Small apartment on the outskirts of the main city with two garage slots. Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Rusted Golf GTI Mk1, plans to buy a new SUV. Personality: Introvert, he doesn't talk much. He loves drive. Background: He was born in a poor family in a samll town of Norway. He just moved to this island with very limited money looking for a job as driver. He has always dreamed have a sport car.
  5. Haunted House on Halloween!

    Yeah, it would be nice having special events like this, and not only in halloween, for example in winter snowing map, icy roads... And it can be implemented with a update some days before so it dont take actually time of development until the release.
  6. As long as you will need licenses to drive (legally) maybe they could implement the tutorial while you are doing it, for cars, trucks, buses, ships... So at the same time you get the license you learn the basics of the vehicles. Its a minor idea but I think could be interesting to be in the game.
  7. Automotive world

    I only put the first photo I found in google, please dont kill me... (I confirm its actually awful)
  8. Automotive world

    I agree with you, but i hope there will be a big variety of racing cars at least for the tracks (maybe some of they could be illegal to drive in the streets), and large customizations options (without being extremely excessive)
  9. Working wing mirrors?

    Yes, im sure that working wing mirrors are going to be part of the cars as they have said they want the cars be so realistic incluiding blinkers, radio, ect.. -probably it has already been confirmed by the developers-
  10. Cameras Idea

    Hey, before replying, I already know that filming ingame isnt possible due to server connection, but I think there could be cameras in the game with functions like: Hide all the HUD, make zoom, rotate the camera ,soft camera movement and others... and give the options to take screenshoots (and maybe them be saved in the game and give the option to be printed as a painting or something). This already could give the option to make fanmade films, montage or streamings with more level of quality (of course, using third-party software to stream or record). What do you think about?
  11. Hello everyone!

    Hello guys, my name is Alex, I just discovered this game some months ago, and Im very hyped about this game, its like the RP I always dreamed. Not sure why i didnt find it earlier. So I have decided jump to the forum because I have some ideas I want to post, but before I wanted to introduce myself. I have played other RP games like DarkRP or Atlis Life before and I enjoyed them a lot. I love the driving sims games to and is the part im most hyped of this game, imagine going with your car through the montains... So, its all I wanted to say, sorry for my english , and see you all in the game. (im from Europe, so I will be in EU servers)