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  1. Make Your Character

    Name: Jean-Paul Vanderwal Appearance: Race/ethnicity/nationality: Dutch/French Personality: A hard-working money grubbing man with the desire to build a business empire inside the game Education: completed high-school and has a University degree for design and business management Sexuality: Hetereosexual Misc Facts: right-handed, can speak English, Dutch, French and a bit of German. Background: He was born from a Dutch-French family in the region of Alsace-Lorraine where he not only learned to speak French, but also German. He learned Dutch from his father. His family lived in Munchhausen but he went to school in Mothern. He completed his High-school not at the top of his class, but his grades were good enough to study at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg and he has studied at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. When he finished graduating, he wanted to start his own business... Now he found the right place to place the headquarters.
  2. Will there be any public transports like trains, busses or cars in the game?
  3. ^^^^ Title How much/what can the governor change in the rules of the country/island?
  4. List of Confirmed Businesses

    Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp. (Weapons and Electronics from Low-Start to High-End)
  5. The Great Monarchy - Police Policies (Royal Guard)

    Hey, I'm building my Gun and Electronics company up and I would be interested in supplying your police force with our modern guns and technology? If you would ever get to power.
  6. (CLOSED) Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp.

    Reserved for updates
  7. lel, how do i get reputation?

  8. Hello, Citizens of Identity. I'm Jppeer123 and I'm talking to you as founder, CEO and spokesperson of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp. We specialise in Private and Military use! We're currently looking for employees to join the company in 4 branches: Research and Development Manufacturing Security Office We are going to try and make the best Electronics and Guns on the Island, even if we cannot be the best... We'll always strive for the best quality! Bonuses: The regular employees (Manufacturing and Office) are going to have free medical care, free car reparations and our products are cheaper for them. You will also be able to buy our products before they're even released! Guards (Security) are going to have free access to the whole Explorerâ„¢ arsenal and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. Scientists (R&D) are going to have free access to all the Explorerâ„¢ electronic products (for testing ONLY) and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. If you're interested in joining, just PM me with the following information: Name: Age: Why do you want to join: Discord (You don't have to give this, but it's just for easy communication): Extra things you want to add: I hope this post has persuaded you to join our company in 1 of these 4 branches! - Sincerely, Jppeer123 (CEO and Founder of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp.)
  9. What will you RP in identity?

    I would probably start a gun manufacturing company... Maybe we could make a little deal??? ;D