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  1. Fix the cinema seats

    As if you where waiting for this game for 4 years just to be able to sit in cinema seat... OMG...
  2. Chill your fingertips everybody!

    Guys, come on, what's wrong with you? Have you never been in a situation where everything isn't going as you thought? Have you never made a mistake? Have you never been disappointed by your expectations? I guess yes! And put your self in that situation once again and try to remember how does it feel when everybody around you is just flaming, blaming, booing and critiquing you in that same moment... Wouln't it be better to hear some chilling (if not motivating) words ? So, if you had trust in this game for 4 years or more, how can you just become so toxic in the first 5 minutes of gameplay? Instead, please, don't sink all the work and dedication of the team and try to give suggestions, bug reports etc... Yes, even it is released.. What's the problem? You think they can not fix everything? Just stop trash talking and rage-hitting your pity keyboards and wait some more while.
  3. PVP Idea

    hello guys, i got an idea for PVP battles, which i think is very important. sorry for my english but ill try to be clear. so what we all know about pvp from every single shooter (like counter strike) or survival games (like Rust) even GTA online pvp is that when you confront your enemy its about to try to move left and right to avoid their bullets and try to hit him with your shots. theres no other possibility to make it more complex and strategic. i mean, it would be nice to be able to jump on side to the left or right (like in max payne) and then roll on ground at the cost of your stamina and so you could better avoid damage. also would be nice to be able to run quickly towards a wall or a barricade to hide behind it (also at the cost of stamina), like its in splinter cell. other than this, if you have any more ideas related to PVP not beeing boring and luck wise....
  4. Just Asking...

    hi guys, im just wondering if there are people like me, waiting for this game to come out, beeing sure its not a spam, never opening topics about release date and to show how hyped they are etc. just sitting here and checking forum 1-2 times a month. if so, let me know, we can be friends in game
  5. game requirements

    i can run GTAV but i cant run ARMA 3 in multiplayer, got 30 FPS, but in singleplayer i have 60 + fps, will i be able to run identity?
  6. Traffic Might Be an Issue No Joke

    this is not street racing.... this is: im from georgia, RIP giorgi
  7. our own music in cars

    i dont think there will be trolls in this game...
  8. our own music in cars

    im wondering if we will be able to listen to our own music mp3 files in game? and if everyone can hear it around our cars if we put down the windows?
  9. casino in townsquare

    will there be casino in townsquare? if so, or not, will there be poker in casino?
  10. car gear

    hello everyone, its my first post after seeing this game today. i'd love to have choice between buying an automatic or manual gear car. please don't make it like GTA or ARMA where it's only automatic, some of us likes to change gear manually to feel the realism. let there be different prices for manual and automatic cars also. sorry for bad english but it will be nice