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Found 8 results

  1. Game Requirements

    Hey! Just wondering if you guys think that I will be able to run Identity. Specs: Note: I can run GTA 5, Fallout 4, Fortnite, and most demanding games at medium to high settings. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I am from New Zealand. I am really looking forward to this game! I just was wondering if anyone knows what the required specs are yet? I am running.... CPU - i5 6400 @ 2.7GHZ RAM - 16GB Ripjaws DDR3 GPU - Gigabyte GTX 770 OC 2GB HDD - 1TB (With others spare) .... and what version of DirectX will this game use? Cheers everyone!
  3. Module Size and min Specs

    Hello There I am Wondering What is the size of the town square in the game and the file size of the module And also i am wondering the min Specs For The Modules Because Im waiting For a New Gaming Pc Because my Old One Broke And Im Using an I3 Laptop with intel hd graphics 3000 and i have seen that if you can run gtaV AND Arma3 you can run identity fine but i cant run those games
  4. Specs

    Does anyone have an idea of minimum PC specs? Couldn't find any other info on the site. Thanks
  5. Requirements

    Hey Guys, Will the game be REALLY demanding on PC's, eg, Do we have any requirements yet and what are they? Is it a ULTIMATE demanding game or what? Thanks.
  6. game requirements

    I was wondering if a pc with(not an expert)would be good enough: gtx 1060 turbo edition 500gb memory 8 ram Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) 4790 / 3.6 GHz
  7. Playing this game!

    Is anyone else not able to play? I am sad since I don't have a computer strong enough, plus I can't even game on it since its not mine, anyone else got this dilema.
  8. Requirements for computer

    Hi, this game looks amazing but I have a big worry. So i have a Mac. This Mac costs a lot of money and I don't have another laptop or PC to play this game on. I wanted to know whether or not this game would overload my Mac or cause any other damage like crashes, hardware failure, viruses, etc. Any guarantees against any of this? Macs are not exactly the most gaming reliable technology out there.