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  1. Graffity?

    Will probably become too messy, maybe only certain area's?
  2. Just wondering are you even able to have sexual intercourse in-game?

    1. YaLocalOreo


      No but you can roplay it. This service is more than just sex tho. You basically rent a personal slave that does whatever you say for as long as you paid for.

  3. Hello from Seattle usa

    Welcome @Mymantheguy I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! -Arcanion
  4. Hey, I'm Dunco

    Welcome @elDunco I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! -Arcanion
  5. Mentlegen!

    Welcome @BedazzledCheeto, I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! -Arcanion
  6. Hi! I'm Seth!

    Welcome @Sethis4Pizza I hope you will enjoy your time on the forum! -Arcanion
  7. I am Victor

    Welcome @viccar I hope you enjoy the community!
  8. Looking for crew

    G'day, My name is Arcanion, duo to the recent situations within my old crew they have disbanded and i am currently without a crew. I am looking for a European crew or a crew that support the European time zone. What i can bring to the table; I am a motivated and experienced gamer. I am obedient and like to think of myself as someone with a strategical mind. Therefor i will always speak my opinions to my superiors at the right moment but i know how to shut up and do as i am told. Furthermore i believe a can keep my cool in a stressful situation. Information about me: Age: 18 Availability: 2-3 hours in the evenings 9 in the weekend. Microphone?: Yes For any other information please make a reply and i will attempt to answer to the best of my ability. -Arcanion
  9. Graphics - Level of Details

    You will be able to do so easely
  10. Gaming PC

    Housing 1 x Sharkoon VG5-W - Green € 15.00 4044951017508 Processor 1 x Intel® Core ™ i5 6600K 3:50 GHz € 190,00 BX80662I56600K Cooling 1 x Standard cooling € 0.00 standard cooling motherboard 1 x MSI H110M PRO VD € 0.00 H110M PRO VD Memory 1 x Crucial 16GB DDR4-2133 € 60.00 Crucial 16GB DDR4-2133 Graphics Card 1 x Nvidia GTX 960 2GB € 35.00 GTX 960 2GD5 2nd Graphics 1 x No 2 graphics card € 0,00 No 2nd Graphics Hard Drive 1 x 1000GB SATA III Hard Drive € 0.00 WD10EZEX 2nd Hard Drive 1 x None 2nd Hard Drive € 0.00 None 2nd Hard Drive Optical drive 1 x DVD Recorder / Player € 0.00 SH-224BB-BEBE 2nd optical drive No 1 x 2 optical drive € 0.00 No-2nd optical drive Cardreader 1 x No memory card reader € 0.00 no reader sound 1 x Standard sound € 0.00 standard sound card network 1 x 1Gbit network € 0.00 1Gbit network food 1 x 600W Cooler Master power supply € 10.00 RS-600-ACAB-D3 Monitor 1 x No monitor € 0.00 none monitor Accessories No accessories 1 x € 0.00 no accessories Operating system 1 x 10 Windows Home incl. Installation € 109.00 KW9-00152 office package 1 x No Office package € 0,00 Office package Security 1 x No security € 0.00 no security PC Tuning 1 x Yes, tune and overclock my PC. € 20.00 Yes tune and overclock my pc warranty 1 x 2 year standard warranty (FREE) € 0.00 Standard Warranty 2 years My PC specs in full
  11. Hello, my name is Shark!

    Welcome to the forums! @SHARK Sadly legal drugs will make it cheaper and way too easy to do it. I hope you enjoy your time here! -Arcanion
  12. Hello

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  13. Howdy from Texas !!!

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  14. Hello

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