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  1. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    @HairyGrenade Oh wow amazing! I used to play on you guys Arma 3 servers from Asylum
  2. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    @HairyGrenadeDoes this game require a good PC? cuz Rocket league doesn't lag for me but when I play PUBG it does lag although its build on the same engine.
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Wow I like the street signs soo much! damn I cant wait till this game comes out!
  4. The Rebel Department [Recruiting]

    looks good!
  5. Gun Running

    Good luck with your business!
  6. Corruption ?

    If you are a police officer and you are corrupt then, you will lose your career as a police officer for doing that on official servers. However in private servers you might be able to be corrupt depending on if the server allowing it.
  7. Any mexican mafias or gangs?

    we are an organized Italian mafia family, you could MSG me if ur interested.
  8. New gang: Evo Corp

    Best of luck with your group, we're keeping things professional. We'll leave it at that.
  9. New gang: Evo Corp

    Thanks appreciate it!
  10. New gang: Evo Corp

    Good luck with your "gang"
  11. Luprano mafia requirement 

    [About us] The Luprano family is a pan-Italian Cosa nostra family with its members originally from other North American cities with mafia families, as well as homegrown monsters, and new blood imported from Italy. All made men in the Luprano family have southern Italian heritage with blood lines from places such as Sicily, Napoli, Bari, and Calabria. The family has a strict code of honor, and all members must take the oath of omerta. The family is involved in a vast array of criminal activities that include extortion, loansharking, bookmaking, fraud, kidnapping, drugs, illegal weapons, contract killing, robberies and much more. Almost anything that makes a hefty profit is of interest to the family, as well as legitimate and semi-legitimate business endeavors. Click here To see our family page If interested fill in this application and Pm the don Frank [Application Format] In-Game Name: Age: EU, or NA: Why do you want to join our Family: What can you bring to our mafia:
  12. What's your plan for making money at the start?

    Damn I think I'm gonna camp the atm and rob the ppl then if I have enough ill open a strip club . just joking
  13. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    Yo my man Frank Luprano isn't in your gang/mafia