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  1. Make Your Character

    Name: Hazel C. Mondoux-Larkin Appearance: 5'4, 22 years old, dyed blonde hair(usually a mess), pale skin. Likes black clothes, sweaters, dark wash jeans. Race/ethnicity/nationality: Unknown, White? Personality: Hazel is adventurous, and can be impulsive at times. She is a determined person, and hard-working. She doesn't take things for granted. She is distrustful of people and can be cold and aloof on a first impression, but she believes in loyalty and fairness, and always returns a favor. Education: Completed high school. She wanted to go to college but she didn't quality for the scholarship. Sexuality: Pansexual, she just got out of a bad relationship and isn't actively looking for someone Misc Facts: Has a tattoo of the Gemini symbol on her right shoulder blade. She has a dagger tattoo on her left arm. Background: Hazel was in the foster care system ever since she was a baby, her mother gave her up for adoption. She moved foster homes a few times as a young child, not remembering much from that time. When she was 9 she moved to her new foster home with her mother, Julianne Larkin. She lived there for the rest of her childhood. Her foster mother never legally adopted her but she considered Hazel a daughter to her. When Hazel was 18 she legally changed her name to Mondoux-Larkin. Hazel got in some legal trouble in and after high school, getting arrested a few times for shoplifting, possession of drugs, indecent exposure, and finally stealing a car, which sent her to jail for 11 months. When she got out she hooked up with her former boyfriend Gerad, wanting to turn her life around. Gerad was a druggie and a crook, who was abusive, but Hazel told herself she could make it work. She got pregnant, and due to a traumatic experience she doesn't like to talk about lost the baby. Gerad left her. Afterwards, she moved back home, and was thinking about her future and her children. She was worried about her genetics that she had no idea about. She also wanted to become a full Larkin, but felt she couldn't give up her Montgomery name without knowing anything about her parents. She pressed her foster mom for information, who dug up the files the best she could. It was a closed adoption, but there was some information written down. Her mother's name, Pamela Mondoux, and where she was from, Roseport. Hazel packed her bags and set off to Identity, hoping she could find her mother and learn about her past.
  2. Calypso's Farm

    Yay!! Super excited
  3. Calypso's Farm

    Haha yes! Sims 2 is the best one of them all
  4. Calypso's Farm

    Name: Palamecia27 Job: Harvester Reason: I've always liked the idea of working on a farm, I love plants and am pretty good with them. Experience: I've made many farms on the Sims, and Stardew Valley :3 also I have a garden irl Also, not sure if you've considered opening a farm stand to sell our wares, the extra things we don't ship off, but I have lots of retail experience and would love to run that if you want!
  5. Roleplay Thread

    [Haha xD] "Hey, I'm cool if she is. She has nice perfume." Pam joked with a smile, remembering her perfume from earlier that morning. Pam walked over to Jason. "You're making me want a beer now," she said as she went over to the case and cracked open one for herself. "We can't drink too many of these, I don't want to get Trevor in trouble"
  6. Roleplay Thread

    Pam looks startled as Ryver walks in. "Whoa, hang on," she says in almost a protest, before Jason starts talking. It's then clear that she means no harm, even though she's holding a baseball bat. "Why did you follow us...with a baseball bat?" Pam asks, pointing to it, chuckling a bit
  7. Roleplay Thread

    Pam nods as Jason makes his way down the ladder, then once he's down she leads him to the liquor store, opening the door and waving to the cashier. He's young, messy brown hair with some facial hair, couldn't be more than 18 years old. "Hi Trevor, me and my friend Jason are going to be upstairs. Now remember, low profile." Pam explained as they made their way to the stairs. "uhh..okay," Trevor responds dumbly, staring at Pam like a puppy as she leads Jason to the back stairs. They climb up the stairs to the studio apartment. It's dusty, and full of boxes of booze. "Well it's not paradise, but we can hang out here for a few days." Pam said with a sigh. She went to the shades and shook them a bit, opening the window a crack to let some of the dust out.
  8. Roleplay Thread

    Pam rolled her eyes. "Okay fine, while you're there leave my door open so my cats can get out." Pam hands Jason the key to her place as they dart over to the back of the building. Pam reaches up and pulls down the escape ladder. "And put some clothes on, my god you look like you broke outta prison." Pam scolds playfully with a smile.
  9. Roleplay Thread

    Pam looked up from her phone. "Well that's good, maybe when you go back you can talk with her, get a feel." Pam texted a few ??'s to her liquor store friend, getting nervous. "DA's are friends with a lot of cops, and she might want to make sure her building is drug-free." Pam explained. Her phone vibrated. It was from the clerk, <Yeah no worries, come by whenever.> Pam looked up with a smile. "We're good to go." She ran over to the fence. "You well enough to hop over, or you need a boost?" Pam asked with a smile.
  10. Roleplay Thread

    Pam looked down the alleyway, "If we hop that fence, that back street will take us to the liquor store. I know the guy there, we can hide out there until things cool down a bit, then we can go to your place and clear it out." Pam explained. "Do you think that DA woman who lives in our building will report us? Is she on your good side, because I don't really know her that well." Pam asked Jason. She took out her cell phone and texted the liquor store clerk who's number she got earlier. <Hey, me and my friend need your help. Can we hang out in the studio upstairs? We can help around the store, but need to keep low profile>
  11. Roleplay Thread

    Pam whispered as they walked out the door, "Well, it sounds real enough to fool these assholes," She reasoned with a sly smile. As they got further away from the hospital, they ducked down an alleyway. "Hospital staff are used to cops barking orders, so that scam usually works. Just talk fast, and oh, have a badge." Pam smiled and showed Jason the police badge of a Lt. Arnold St. Peter. "Swiped this a long time ago, it comes in handy." She said with a grin. "And uh, so does this," She reached into her bag and grabbed out a pair of sweatpants. "You might want to cover up," she offered the pants, trying not to look at Jason's nearly exposed body.
  12. Roleplay Thread

    After Pam's place was cleaned of any contraband, she decided to go see if Jason was okay. She made her way down the stairs, and started walking towards the hospital, her car busted up and her having no way to fix it. She lit up a smoke, exhaling it quickly as she huffed down the road. She was worried, knowing how these situations could go down. But she had a plan, and she knew that these hospital visits can turn into a jail visit fast. She fished through her bag, hoping it was still there. After what seemed like a short time, she made her way to the hospital. The nurse at the counter looked bored, uninterested. "Hello, I'm looking for a Jason? Just admitted on an OD." Pam said coldly. The nurse looked up. "Who are you?" He asked monotone. Pam flashed a badge quickly. "Donna Simpson, PD, I'm his parole officer, here to pick him up. Now show me where he is." The nurse pointed and Pam took off. "Jason, here you are again." Pam announced after entering the room. The nurse looked at Pam with confusion. "Umm, excuse me, this is a private..." she began. Pam flashed the badge once more, "Donna Simpson, Parole Officer, this guy is coming with me, he's in violation of his parole. Let's go, Jason," Pam took the keys to the cuffs from the nurse, too startled by Pam's fast talking. She unbuckled the cuffs and threw Jason's arm around her shoulder and started walking out of the hospital.
  13. Roleplay Thread

    Pam made her way to the liquor store, and after a flirty encounter with the young guy working the counter, she got a discount bottle of Jack Daniel's. As she made her way back to her building, she saw an ambulance with Jason vomiting on the curb, and the DA woman helping him. She quickly ducked out of sight, listening in to the conversation. "...overdosed on heroin. Are you the one who called this in, ma'am?" She heard the paramedic ask the DA. "Shit," Pam said to herself. She knew what this meant, now their building was pegged as a drug spot. This meant cop cars driving by, visits from police officers, lots of attention that Pam didn't need. She waited for the paramedics to load Jason into the ambulance, then she quietly slid by and into the building, making her way up the stairs and into her apartment. She started cleaning up as quickly as she could, taking her old needles and throwing them into the trash, hiding her secret stash of blow in a safe spot nobody could ever find, and disposing of any other signs of drug use in her house. No doubt that DA lady is going to be coming here first for questions, Pam thought to herself. She also didn't want Jason to implicate her at all, hell she just met the guy, she didn't need to take the fall. It wasn't even her stash, Pam told herself, trying to relieve some of the guilt she felt about the whole situation. Maybe I'll visit him in the hospital after the heat dies down, she reasoned.
  14. Roleplay Thread

    Pam woke up on her couch, still feeling a good buzz, not really sure what time it was. She looked around, noticing Jason was gone. I guess I fell asleep, she said out loud to herself. She sat up, and went to the fridge. It was mostly empty except for an almost empty bottle of ketchup, old chinese chicken fingers, and some hot sauce. She threw it all together and began to eat it, digging around her messy apartment for some booze. After eating her "dinner", she couldn't find any booze at all. She sighed, pissed off. She went to get dressed, throwing on a white ratty tanktop, black jeans with high heel boots, and a black leather jacket to match. She grabbed her pack of smokes and left her apartment, right after throwing some ground beef and rice into a bowl for her kitties. She lit a cigarette as she walked down the stairs, still in a haze. Exiting the apartment, she looked around the street outside her house. She couldn't remember where the liquor store was, and she wasn't sure how she was going to be able to swipe a bottle of booze.
  15. Roleplay Thread

    Pam sighs, "She did get away with it. But she obviously knew someone, that's why didn't get caught." Pam reasoned. She felt her eyes slowly closing again. Her body was tingling and she giggled as her cat jumped on her lap again, while the other crawled over to Jason and began clawing at his shirt with its little claws. Pam giggled, enjoying this whole scenario.