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  1. Still Waiting..

    I fully agree the tracker is not as informative as written posts would be and at this point with the tracker not even correctly working the devs should be updating us on what is going on more.
  2. Still Waiting..

    Im not saying its useful or that it is a good topic, im just saying that if the devs would tell us what is going on and why we have been waiting so long for one task then we would not have posts like this.
  3. Still Waiting..

    I can agree with you to a point but at the same time with the devs not really updating us on whats going on, and the tracker being stuck on this last task for 2 months now it is getting a bit annoying and posts like this are to be expected.
  4. Weekly Hopes #1

    I agree discord is a very good communication platform, but I have a lot of experience with both discord and teamspeak and personally I find that teamspeak works better for large groups of people, at least for voice communication, although discord definitely has a better setup with there normal chat channels.
  5. Game Requirements

    ARK is a hard game to run but have you tried ARMA 3? Its next to impossible to play that game at a solid 60 FPS when your on a multiplayer server, and that is without mods
  6. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I can agree with you kind of, I bought this game over a year ago now, knowing very well it would be a very long while before I actually got to play the game, but now that it has been pushed back not once but twice(Please correct me if im wrong) but it just seems like were never going to see anything. Im not a game developer but I know this stuff takes time. I really hope the devs prove me wrong so we get a chance to play this awesome looking game.
  7. Game Requirements

    Correct me if im wrong but im 90% sure that the 970 is better than the 1050...
  8. What is happening in 1 Weak?

    Yeah, I am slowly losing hope in this game having been pledged for over a year now, not because of the fact that it is taking so long to come out but because (if im correct) this is the second time they have delayed the town square module. Again not trying to whine about the how long its taking because again I expected that.
  9. Continue The Story

    And He...
  10. Keyboard driving?

    I believe an easy fix to the whole speed limit thing would be to have an option to use cruise control.
  11. The High Society

    Would you like to join us or are you just here for that?
  12. The High Society

    They can take it off of the legal drugs list if that's what your asking but I am 98% certain that they wont.
  13. Hey everyone!! Makeshift Here :)

    We will have them if there in the game.
  14. Hey everyone!! Makeshift Here :)

  15. 3D Animator

    You can draw and make paintings in the game, maybe you could work for a corporation and make logos and stuff for them