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  1. Serious question

    There is no real reason to believe any of that money is left.
  2. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

    Identity town square releasing soon! Been waiting almost 4 years for this, I know many of you have as well! See you in game.
  3. The Technocratic Party

    The Ironic part however is that they blamed the depression on Herbert Hoover, who was himself an extremely successful Mining Engineer and Civil Engineer before political life. So really Technocrats were just ignorant.
  4. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

    The CCU currently endorses Lucious Times and his party, looking forward to town square release.
  5. Those who have spent a lot of money here, and those who have been waiting for years have a right to ask questions about updates / more information. You shouldn't expect them to shut up and wait when they have invested something (potentially substantial) into identity.
  6. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    Identity worries me.
  7. player limit?

    According to the FAQ here it should be between 300 and 500 players. Although it sounds a bit large to me for a single server to handle and not become overloaded, so i wonder if this has changed.
  8. Could we be Presidents ??

    No, no and no. I personally hope the government is forced to be quite small, and have extremely limited power. It only takes one megalomaniac to ruin things for the rest of the island.
  9. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    Lol, Star Citizen is probably vaporware then.
  10. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    Nothing in my post complains about anything taking too long like seem to tell yourself, it was a simple question about the tracker, and it has already been answered by a moderator. Your comment is not necessary.
  11. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    I think everyone here knows that. Some of us have been waiting for over two years, and have donated hundreds, and we just like to know what is going on.
  12. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    Then it is quite misleading to say Tasks listed are those as of April 19, 2018.Last updated 17 hours ago. If nothing has actually changed, if they are worried about that they should put something else there.
  13. Every single day, for the past few days, the development task tracker has been updated, yet nothing on it has actually changed... Why is this? Seem's like a way to trick users into believing tasks are being done more often than they actually are.
  14. A false conundrum is created when you try and claim communism to be democratic. There is no democracy in this, rather an elite political class made up of top party members that claims to represent the people. The USSR for instance never was democratic, they couldn't care less about the people so long as they are coned into doing the bidding of the centralized government. Dollar voting is the only way to have democracy within an economic system, not a bunch of big wigs that claim to serve the interest of the people.
  15. The government would exploit it's citizens far more under a socialized economic system than any company would ever exploit it's costumers or workers under a true free market system.