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  1. Guns and Rifles

    I don't hunt yet. Im getting my hunter license this year after I take the test. Most of its just for collecting
  2. Guns and Rifles

    I own a couple of guns. Mosin Nagant 91/31 Yugo SKS 2 Stevens Savage 320 Shotguns one 12 Ga and a 20 Ga a Bolt Action single shot 22 which was I believe home made or something. And a Ruger 10/22
  3. What is your opinion on law enforcement? I want to become a Sherif. Will there be pensions for Law Enforcement? And will there be benefits. Especially Dental? As well as other on topic stuff.
  4. I hope they make delay it till Saturday or allow us to buy packages for a little while after. I get paid on Friday and want to upgrade.
  5. Cars usable in town square?

    I pledged and got the cabbie package. Will I be able to use my car when the module comes out? Just curious.
  6. NRA

    We are still active. But we need supporters. There should be no reason for a person to be able to be murdered at the hands of a common thug or killer.
  7. NRA

  8. Stone Firearms and Weaponry ™

    Support the NRA goals on the politics forums section. You'd be really helpful!
  9. NRA

    NRA The National Rifle Association This is not a political party, rather it is a group of gun owners who want the freedoms they deserve. What we are: We are the National Rifle Association. An organization built around the safety, practice, and rights of all those who fall under its category. We are people who believe in the right to protect ourselves, our families, our freedoms, and our land. We are business men. farmers, low class laborers, and regular everyday people who believe in these rights. How can it be, that some of these political parties want to take away or limit this right. The right to bear arms. Our Ideals: It is a right that should be guaranteed for all individuals in our country. To own a gun.. Why should we let these politicians limit our ability to save ourselves. Or the ability to defend ourselves. Cops are unable to come at a moments notice and it will take time. That is when you must make a choice for yourself. Will you be the victim. Or will you be the savior. It is all your choice. Why should some corrupt political figure get a bunch of armed guards to secure their safety while we could potentially walk around at the mercy of what ever thug is waiting around a corner. Our Purpose: We are not a political party. But we are based around politics. The politics of defense of a person or family. We support what ever political figure supports us. We are here to fight for our right to protect ourselves and that's that. Cops are ineffective and get there when they get there. However when you're standing on a road and there are gun shots and no cops, shouldn't you be the person to uphold the law? We fight for the right to bear arms and believe every should be able to own one if they are able to. But we do believe some should and some shouldn't Our beliefs in law: We understand that some people should not own firearms. But shouldn't the law abiding citizen be able to own one? If you've done nothing wrong, why should you not be able to fight for your life. It's your life. Not the Governors, not the Cops, not the man standing next to you. But in the end you should always help others. But your life should come first. That is why you should be able to own guns. But in the idea of criminals. What if a criminal has become good. Shouldn't they get something within reason. They should own the bare minimum. Maybe a pistol with a certain amount of ammunition but not a rifle. They should be limited. But an ex-convict is and ex-convict. They should have the right to bare the bare minimum of arms in order for their safety and protection. They should be limited but protected. End Statement: All in all, we know that this is our land that we should be able to defend. We know that we have families and friends that need help. And in the end. Death is Permanent. Extra statement: This is a political situation and this is why it is on the politics forums section. Any and all political figures are more than welcomed to join in. What are you beliefs and what do you think? Feel free to respond. Death is permanent in the idea that people die and its never the same. It's more on the idea of loosing rather than permanently dying.
  10. The Peoples Party - Updated Guidelines

    Looking good man. Seems like you got your stuff down.
  11. You have my support my friend. There is no Party like the People's Revolutionary Party.
  12. Create Your Identity

    Name:Leland HAge:18From (City, Country):Ash Hill City (Whatever country identity is part of).Appearance (Body, Face):6' Tan Skin with African-European Features. Round face hazel eyes.Attire:Jeans, Button Down short sleeve shirt with white t-shirt underneath.Job:ParamedicDetail of House:Apartment. Checkered kitchen floor, 1 bedroom king sized bed, living room with TV computer and couch and coffee table.Detail of Car/ Vehicle:Simple utilitarian four door car.Personality:Kind, friendly, laughable, helpful. However can be stern, serious, unwilling, and rude when patience is lost with person.Background: Mother was a Nurse Father was a Doctor. Had to do Paramedic cause parent wanted it to. Born on the island. Graduated school with honors. Enjoys the job. Love helping people. However is possibly a criminal at night.
  13. Poll

  14. Poll

    They're very delicious.
  15. Military

    Only thing I could see is a group of armed rebels or something of that sort fighting the police. That would probably be the closest thing that could fit this idea. This is an old post but I just had to put my 2 cents in.