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Found 14 results

  1. Pancho Villa Riders About Us Fransico "Pancho" Villa was born June 5, 1878, in La Coyotada, Mexico. He was a Mexican Revolutionary general and one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution. In the late 1970s, my father Emilio Piñón was born in La Coyotada, Mexico. My father at sixteen was working for the Mexican Armed Forces. For four years up until my birth, my father worked hard for them and he learned the story of Fransico Villa. My father an inspired man, with a troubled history with Mexico's toughest cartels, decided to start a motorcycle club and move his newborn son and two daughters to Tucson, Arizona. By this time I was only two years old still a baby. All my life I knew my father was a president of an MC. At the age fourteen, I watched father get gunned down by Viagras, Mexico hardest cartel. My father's best friend, Bruno Correa, took over the MC, but when I turned eighteen Bruno handed the MC over to me the rightful heir as president. My first order as president was to move to a remote island, which we did. For two years we have been on this island working hard, expanding connections, and doing what we do best, run the island. As of recently though we are now under a mafia The Narco Family, a family that my father and I have known for years. Supervisors Felipe Piñón - President (Available Slot) - Vice President (Available Slot) - Secretary (Available Slot) - Treasurer (Available Slot) - Sergeant At Arms Application We here at Pancho Villa Riders MC want you to join us and the only way to do that is to contact me via Discord DM through using my username stated below. Contact Us We are in dire need of new members you can apply using the link in the Application part of this post. We are interested in all alliance opportunities as well as any possible business partnerships. I, Felipe Piñón, am also interested in politics, I'd love to help a campaign money wise or something a little less friendly wise. Contact me via Discord my username is Chubbz#1449.
  2. Anybody into motorcycles? Post some pics!

    Anybody into motorcycles? Whether it be choppers, street bikes, post some pics! These two aren't my bikes but hopefully I'll have something similar in game.
  3. Hey, id like you to join us on the community Identity MC discord. Where you can speak with other MC's and exchange conversation, the last MC discord was pretty much abandoned, when the owner of the discord left the game because of something he wanted to do, he thought was going to happen, up until the october this year, but found out it was not even possible and was never promised. If you join, just write in the channel 'group status' which club you're from, or if you're a hangaround and interested into getting in with a MC later on. Hope to see you there. - Narc President of the Apaches MC
  4. Heathens MC is an Outlaw motorcycle club (1%) motorcycle club who are classified as an Organized Crime Syndicate by the Local Precincts, FBI and DEA. Heathens MC was formed in January 2016 when identity was announced making it one of the oldest and one of the 1st of several Motorcycle clubs in the identity world. Wanna find out more info on how to join and or support? Ask a Heathen.
  5. I am very well connected in the MC community and the criminal world in GTA V online. I know over a thousand bikers, mafia gangsters and street gangs. You have probably heard some of the MC's before. And they are into roleplaying as well. See you in the game.
  6. The Kirito Family (Anime Clan)

    Dear fans! I'm a huge fan of anime and you probley aswell. There will be more information in a mounth. Let me know if you intressted! What is the Kirito Family Group? The Kirito family Group is a group made up of the citizens of Identity who show their support to each other. What does this group entitle me to? Although it may not seem much for you, it means a lot to the members of the club that you show your support to us. In return, we want to give you all that we can to make you feel that you are as wanted by us as you are as wanted by us. By joining this group you will be able to buy items of clothing branded by Anime fans. with our support patch seen above. You will also be able to join our members at local events where you can get to know them and ask any questions you might have. We will make a own teamspeak server as soon the clan is big enough. Do I have to pay to join this group? No. This group is entirely free, there will be not any application fees or any application whatsoever. How do I join the support group? Simply forward your name to KiritoKun (My profile) and he will ensure that your name gets put down on our register. Group Members: Member Total: 0
  7. The Round Table

    The Round Table is an established group of the highest authority within the criminal underworld. Only leader of each organization is allowed in. Mafia, MC, Gang and even Militia (If they don't cause trouble.) We meet once a week in a undisclosed location. You may bring one of your most trusted people if that makes you feel better. But no cell phones. No guns. No weapons of any sort. Now the people I currently have in mind for this is @Frank @The1TheOnlyGonzo @Hanshi-Toshiro and myself. If there are anymore leaders who wish to join just respond to this post.
  8. Feared N Fearless MC

    Who We Are We are an established motorcycle club that has been in existence since June 27th, 2015. We are not murderers and thieves, like the media would have you believe. We are not terrorists or national threats, like the government tries to make us out to be. We are not all outlaws or criminals, like the A.M.A has written to outcast us. We are members of your community, we are citizens like you. We are enthusiasts of motorcycles, its lifestyle, and its culture. We are protectors of our communities and someone you can turn to, no matter the situation or odds. We are Feared N Fearless Motorcycle Club, a brotherhood and sisterhood that goes beyond blood or name. In essence we are a family of bikers who work hard to make sure our family is safe, and prosperous. We are one of the most reputable and respected motorcycle clubs found online, and no matter the odds, we always prevail and become stronger. We have been through many things throughout our existence, and we know more will come, but we prepare for any situation that can present itself. Some of us have been through our own forms of hell, and because of FNF MC, we have been strong enough to conquer them. All of this, makes us a tighter family than most other motorcycle clubs can offer, and makes FNF one of the best clubs to be part of. Our Mission Feared N Fearless' mission is to become the most reputable and respected motorcycle club in the servers we establish our charter(s) in, and become the most known motorcycle club across this community. Our focus is on loyalty, dedication, and longevity, and becoming the most respected and reputable will aid us in our focus. No matter the server, no matter community groups, we will be known and respected anywhere we go. We know respect and reputation is something that must be earned, and we will let nothing stand in our way to accomplish our mission. This mission even carries over into our recruitment, because earning your place here will be no easy task. We want to continue our brotherhood and have no care for quantity, only quality brothers here for the betterment of the club. 1% We are a "1% Motorcycle Club" and we flaunt it proudly, because we believe in, and defend, our rights and freedoms, even if the law, government, media, or even society is standing in our way. The American Motorcycle Association wants to label and shame us by calling us outlaw bikers, and we proudly accept that labeling, even if it gives us a stigma to society. We govern ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to different standard of law, and if it conflicts with society's law, so be it. Some of our members may become involved in criminal activity or there may be even convicts within our ranks, but this doesn't reflect the club because we don't encourage violence or illegal activities. Any illegal activities any member becomes part of, is their decision, not the club's. What We Do We party, we ride, we fight, we do anything we want, whenever we want to do it. We hold rides, runs, shows, charities, parties, national celebrations, and even conventions to mix it up with our neighbors and friends. With that being said, our business is our own. Any club business is not discussed with anyone outside the club, and we respect and defend our right to privacy. Whatever our business is, if the public needs to know about it, we will make sure they know. We are always looking for fellow enthusiasts and free thinkers, who are searching for like minded individuals to challenge and expand their world and perception. We also offer aid to anyone who needs it and feels they have no where else to turn. We even plan on getting involved in the business sector and, if possible, the sporting sector. Our History Our history is a long and twisted story still being written today. It is a collection from our original members, who began it all, to our newest members, who help shape our present, and write our future. To fully understand FNF MC and why we are the way we are, you must first understand where we started, where our father's started, and where our grand father's started. We must start in 1948 with Original Red Devils MC. Chapter 1: The Origins Chapter 2: Dogs And War How To Join Like mentioned above, joining this motorcycle club is no easy task. We have severe trust issues, and it does take a long time for FNF to fully trust anyone. We are not, what we call, a "Hand Out Club", which will give out patched positions, instead we believe you must earn your place here. Becoming part of the club requires members to not only probate for us, but to first hang around with the club so we can get to know you, and for you to get to know us. This process can take time, but proves to us who wants to truly be part of this club, and who would just like to say they are. Dedication and loyalty are just some of the qualities that can help you through this process, but this process is different for everyone. We believe in the motto; "You Get What You Give" and only give the patch to those who have earned the right to call themselves a member of Feared N Fearless MC. Recruiting We are not currently recruiting for Identity at this time, we are only recruiting for our PS4 charter on GTA Online, as well as we are looking to expand to XB1, and PC. We even plan to open up a SAMP charter or 2. If you are interested in becoming part of Feared N Fearless in the future when Identity is released, please join our support crew to keep up to date with the club and our activities. To request to join our Support Crew, please click on the Support Logo below. Support Crew Feared N Fearless Instagram Feared N Fearless Website "Fearless In Life, Feared After Death"
  9. Biker RP Thread #1

    Here is a RP thread dedicated all the bikers. All the bikers can get together and just RP! Here we want to stick to just plain bikers only. Please and thank you! I guess I will start! @Herzog @GeneSmith @Narc
  10. The Brotherhood Council

    I would like to bring forth The Brotherhood Council. The TBC is a high council of all of the high ranking members of current and future MC's of the island. The council allows the President's of clubs to come together at a table and discuss concerns and ideas they have for their or others' clubs. The council will have Church just like we would do within our MC but of course with select members of each club. As for ranks, i was thinking of having some very basic ranks such as: Presidents - Officer Vice Presidents - Sub-Officer Any other patch (Secretary/Treasurer) - Minor The council will not allow prospect, patch members or any other minor patches into the council, Treasurer being the lowest rank allowed in. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Council MC's Bad Company Rangers MC Members Of The Council: Michael Thatcher - International President - Officer Doc Rogers - President - Officer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Men Of Mayhem MC Members Of The Council: Louis Hudson - President - Officer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highwaymen MC Members Of The Council: Carter Crowe - President - Officer Mickey Tohmpson - Vice President - Sub-Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please let me know what you think of the idea and any further suggestions you might have if the council was to be formed. Thank you for your time, Michael Thatcher International President - BCR MC @Narc, @Carter_Crowe, @Micky_Tohmpson, @Fesos
  11. BCR MC - GTA V Crew

    So i have made a GTA crew for my club in the hopes to give my club something to do while we await the games release and also to give members a chance to get to know eachother. This club is open to all BCR MC members but id also like to open it to all the other MC's out there so we can all get in a ride together. Let me know if you and your club would like to join us and just pop me a PM with your GTA username and ill add you in. Hope to ride with you all soon, even if its not in Identity.
  12. Highwaymen MC

    Highwaymen MC is a 1% Motorcycle Club for men who have devoted their life toward the love of motorcycles, and are capable of doing illegal activities for the 1 percenter lifestyle. The Highwaymen are the modern day cowboys of the road. We take what we want, and fight to the death until our needs are satisfied. Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean that we will necessarily just pick a fight with a fellow MC because they have something we want, or just for the mere pleasure of it. However if you double cross us, fuck with our business, disrespect us, or disrupt our club… you will definitely be seeing us in the future. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What We Do The Highwaymen MC will be involved in many activities. All illegal activities will only be discussed with patched members and maybe some hangarounds. However illegal activities are not the only things we will be focused on. Motorcycle shows, partying, bars, and just riding are some other things that will be involved. When it comes to charity the Highwaymen may be a benefactor, but usually only because it will be beneficial to us, or to recompense another club/person(s). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Council The Council (aka Church) is the group of people in the MC who are involved in the decision making. The Council will have the President, Vice President, Sgt at Arms, Treasurer, All Life Members, and one Patchman. The Council can vote to let others in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES 1. NEVER rat on anyone! No matter if they are an enemy or not. 2. Be respectful to all in the club, and especially to your higher ups. 3. Don’t be an idiot. Especially when wearing our colors. 4. Learn how to respect few and fear none 5. Think before doing anything illegal. 6. If you get arrested on some business the club gave you, you take the time, fine, or whatever punishment. 7. Respect fellow 1 percenters and nomads. Unless our MC has a problem with them already 8. Do not start war with other MCs, Gangs, and Mafias. Unless the counsel agrees to doing so. 9. No operations go on without it being proposed to the President and council, and is agreed on by majority of the club. 10. People joining the club is voted on during a meeting. Everyone must agree to someone joining not just the President nor majority vote. ALL members must agree. 11.Club members look out for one another. We help each other anyway we can. We are family. You do not run in the face of fear. 12. No one does serious business without sharing it with the Council (such as a drug operation). The Council is to decide whether it is allowed for that person to do so. They can do small things like sell a few drugs, guns, etc… but if it is a serious and big operation, it is to be agreed on with the Council. *NOTE* You will never have to share ANY money you earn with the club. If you earned it by yourself, it is rightfully yours. 13. Members can not get hooked on drugs. Getting a little rush every now and then is one thing. As long as it is not during the day or when an operation is going to happen, or when you will be riding. Weed is accepted for members to use. However harder drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, etc… is frowned upon when used to much. If a member does get hooked on something hard, The club will offer them a chance to become clean, will send them to rehab, and will cover all expenses. If the user becomes clean, they may join back to their normal rank of the club, only if they promise to the MC they are completely clean and will not get hooked again. The President will decide whether they are allowed to use drugs moderately or not, depending on how bad the situation was for them. If it turns out that a member breaks the rule the President makes for them, or breaks the promise they made to the club about being clean, they will be beaten and kicked out of the club. 14. People who fuck with our bikes get beaten 15. People who disrespect the club get beaten 16. People who fuck with our bikes twice or more get killed 17. People who disrespect the family twice or more get killed 18. If a member were caught stealing from the club will have to repay us double and will be kicked out of the club. If they don’t repay us, they are killed. 19. If a member tells someone business the club doesn’t want shared, the loud mouth will have to kill whoever they told. Whether it is a close friend, or some stranger they met at a bar. They may also be punished for sharing info that is private. 20. Once you’re in the MC, you are in for life. The only way you get out is if you get a “dishonorable discharge”. This is a military term and is used in the club for people who dishonored the MC and were kicked out. They will be beaten then thrown out. If someone kills another member, attempts to kill another member, or rats, they will be killed instead of kicked out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RANKS President- The President, or “Pres” for short, is the leader and figurehead of the MC. He makes the most significant decisions for the club and is the highest ranked member, he will be respected the most by all members. Vice President- The Vice President, or “VP”, takes charge whenever the President is absent. If the President steps down or leaves the club, the Vice President will take over. He helps the President make decisions and helps out on the road and on jobs. Sergeant At Arms- The Sergeant At Arms, or “Sarge” for short, is in charge of keeping all of the men in line on jobs, and making sure everything is on schedule. They also make sure that the men are in line and follow the rules. If they see something that is sort of sketchy from another member, they can act on it immediately rather than go ask the President. They are essential the “Policemen” of the club. Road Captain- The Road Captain, or just “Captain”, is in charge of any sort of road trips the M.C makes (whether a quick ride, or long one). The Road Captain plans the route and the gas stops for a ride. He rides in the front of the pack when on the road either aside or just ahead of the President and Vice President. Treasurer- The Treasurer is in charge of all the cash the MC gets. They distribute pay to all of the members and they contribute money towards “groceries” such as guns, drugs, motorcycles, patches, etc… Secretary- The Secretary is in charge of all of the paperwork the club has to deal with and all of the events as well. If a member has a birthday or a promotion, the secretary makes sure that all members are aware and up to date. The secretary will also be in charge of any appointment for the mechanic shop, or any service the club has to do. Life Member- A Life Member is a member of the club who has either been in the club since day one. They were in the club and already had a set rank when the club started. They are the same as patch members but have a higher say and rank. Patchman- A Patchman is simply just a member of the Highwaymen. They can wear our colours and can earn patches. They can be sent on jobs and usually have a sort of category they work in. Some may do drug runs, hired killing, gun delivering, beatings, etc… They do the more tougher work that put them in danger. Prospect- A Prospect is a member who has not earned the right to wear the MCs colours, but are doing work for the MC. They will mostly do the smaller work and as time goes on they will be introduced to more intense jobs. If they seem they can handle it, and are respectful and loyal to the MC, they may become a Patchman if all members agree. Hangaround- A hangaround is usually someone who is not a part of the club but helps us. They are sort of “in our pocket”. They give us information that could be beneficial, or help us out of a jam. Usually they are police officers, lawyers, judges, etc… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Members President- Carter Crowe Vice President- Micky “Lucifer GT” Tohmpson Sergeant at Arms-(OPEN) Road Captain- (OPEN) Secretary-(OPEN) Life Member-(OPEN) Patchmen-(OPEN) Prospects-(OPEN) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. MC Formations - RP

    Okay so i took some time to draw up a picture showing the formations that my MC will personally use. I put it here as it is roleplay. Other MC's are welcome to take ideas from this and its easy to modify if you do not have certain ranks. A key is featured at the bottom to help with reading this. Okay, so on the left we have a general formation that will be mostly used on a day to day basis when traveling as a club. So it is easier to split these formations into groups. For now i will refer to these groups as packs. It features the chapter P leading the pack up front with the VP on his right just slightly behind and the SA to his left just behind. This is the leading trio and these three members will always be up front. The pack behind the leading pack contains all the other members of the club from R to T. This pack ride in rank order being higher ranks at the front and down till you get patched members at the back. Behind the members will be the pack of Pro if they are brought along. Prospect are always at the rear unless a different vehicle is behind or hangarounds. The last group will be any type of other vehicle be is a van or truck. This is only seen when doing a job such as a gun run or when carrying other members via a van. Pack Order: Pack #1 - International President/President - Vice President - Sergeant At Arms Pack #2 - Treasurer - Road Captain -Enforcer/Assistant Road Captain/Patched Members Pack #3 - Prospects Pack #4 - Support Vehicle/Transport Vehicle Okay, so on the right we have a special formation that will be mostly used on for special events just as a long ride or funeral. Again, the chapter P leads the pack up front with the VP on his right just slightly behind and this time the RC to his left just behind. In this formation, this is the leading trio and these three members will always be up front during this formation. The pack behind the leading pack is a small pack that contains the SA on the right behind the VP and the A.RC on the left behind the RC. The A.RC is set just out of the formation so he is able to pull out to go ahead and block roads, etc. Behind this pack is is similar to the general formation with the rest of the clubs members in rank order from R to T. Behind the members will be the pack of Pro. Behind the prospects will either a pack of H or a vehicle depending on the scenario just as a hearse for a funeral or hangarounds for a ride. This is where you would also place members of other MC's that join you on your ride. Pack Order: Pack #1 - International President/President - Vice President - Road Captain Pack #2 - Sergeant At Arms - Assistant Road Captain Pack #3 - Treasurer -Enforcer/Patched Members Pack #4 - Prospects Pack #5 - Hangarounds/Members Of Another MC and/or - Special Vehicle (hearse) Key: P - President VP - Vice President SA - Sergeant At Arms RC - Road Captain A.RC - Assistant Road Captain T - Treasurer R - Ranger (Members) Pro - Prospect H - Hangaround I am sorry for the messiness of this post but i hope you had fun reading this and, if you are an MC leader, take some ideas from this. Thank you very much for reading. Herzog - International President BCR MC
  14. MC Jacket Customization

    Okay so i would like to see some significant customization for jackets for MC's and gangs. I have a few things in my club that get placed on our cuts so it would be nice if the devs could take this idea and make it a reality in game. @Motown @Paratus. On the back is the back patch of the club. On the left of the front is rank and chapter tabs. Would be really nice to see this addition. Lastly, on the collar, just an addition that doesnt really matter is other rank insignia's. In this example, a sergeant rank for the clubs Sergeant @ Arms. It would be really nice to see clothing customization like this and im sure the other MC's will agree with me. Adds to the realism and gives you a sense of pride wearing all these tabs. Will also allow MC's to identify other clubs easily and for me, to identify my different chapters. I hope the devs take this idea and put it in game. Im not the creator so i cant force them but really do hope that put something like this in game.