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  1. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    Thank you for the reply, and let's not get into Quebec lol. I do hope it does allow for radical spectrum of Government policy and regulation (totalitarianism to anarchism if possible, even a junta or junkta or whatever it is called would be interesting) but I am positive there will be limitations. Especially in the beginning. I imagine it may be difficult for some of these policies that this political groups and others have to be established in the beginning weeks of the game. Maybe I am pessimistic in my look here, so I understand if you or others have a different view on the launch of the game.
  2. !!BREAKING!! Maurice Clinton has DROPPED

    What did they do to be banned?!
  3. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    An Ambulance ride is not technically a service under universal healthcare. In Ontario, Canada, we have universal healthcare and this is not a service under OHIP. OHIP will help with costs for it and thus we do get a fee or around $45, but it is not a service of universal healthcare. It is a service normally funded by the hospital and it's donation system. Schooling is covered up to the age of 18, yes you are right. Normally that age is met toward the end of high school. These are normally paid through taxes though. I don't think I have heard of education fees, idk what Liberal Ontario is honestly doing now with education. So you may be right now regarding that too. I do apologize with how I worded myself in my final little paragraph. I did not mean to say you should not argue other countries concepts and regulations of universal healthcare, and for that I am sorry. What I meant to argue was I am not sure how much we can truly take from these systems as this fictional state that these political groups wish to govern is based in a non-fictional country where universal healthcare isn't established. I don't believe one will be able to truly establish a universal healthcare-like system on Identity. Perhaps outside of the game, yes, but I have doubts that there will be a system in game allowing for that. Again I apologize for how poorly I worded this earlier.
  4. Fair Market Merchant Bureau

    Thank you very much, and I do agree with you 100%
  5. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    I believe he is trying to point out that a banquet dinner is not a basic need. Most banquet dinners that I have been to were normally set up by volunteer groups within the community and have no financial resourcing from the local government. With that being said the volunteer groups do normally work with the local governing body for setting up a community location, promotion of the event, etc. Most financial resourcing does come the community itself tho, and not the governing body. I don't see a banquet dinner as a basic need the government needs to fund, but the community themselves should show their appreciation themselves. Just my opinion on this tho.
  6. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    I understand this is a fictional state, however I have doubts there will be no set laws and systems already in place when the games starts. It seems redundant to start with a lawless community and then to build the foundations of a government. There most likely will be a prefab government system in place which the state government will adapt upon. After all it is and FICTIONAL state in a NON-FICTIONAL country.... Perhaps instead of jumping on me, claiming I am being too realistic and take a step back yourself friend. Furthermore I was debating someone else's points regarding systems in real life, so how am I going to far?
  7. Fair Market Merchant Bureau

    This seems very interesting. How would you deal with a failing business? Would there be a liquidation process or a bailout system in play for the market?
  8. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    An ambulance ride is not part of universal health care therefore one normally does pay for its use unless they have an insurance system to cover it's cost. Saying it is covered by universal healthcare is not true. Same with your arguement regarding education. Education is covered up to the age of 18 normally (some European countries do cover all education) thus you pay or get assistance in paying for college or university. Honestly I do not see a point to argue a British or UK standard for a game based in an American State. Furthermore Universal Healthcare wasn't a thing in the US last I checked, HMO was still in use with the joke known as Obamacare
  9. Name the World

    The State Of Roseport, after all it is a simply a state within the United States right? Pretty sure the world is just our own essentially, aka Earth.
  10. The Rare Breed

    Thank you!
  11. The Rare Breed

    Well the arguement is done now, but with the statement on gangland. Gangland is one of the worst shows because they will always portray any gang, Mob, MC, etc, as the most dangerous threat to America or the world. My statements regarding Rare Breed are taken directly from their website and their about the club section. Gangland always claim everyone they cover is the most dangerous, so you shouldn't take them as fact, they are far from it
  12. The Rare Breed

    @Cpag I am sorry for derailing the thread. Perhaps in the future add some imagery to your Original Post to allow those interested in your club to learn more and get to know your operation more. Just a thought tho, and again good luck. I will stop flooding this thread.
  13. The Rare Breed

    Technically they were too far, I easily could have worded myself better.
  14. The Rare Breed

    No need to apologize bud, I was the one pushing the arguement technically, Rare Breed was simply trying to defend himself. I simply should have worded myself in a more neutral way.
  15. The Rare Breed

    All good, we both got passionate and were willing to fight for what we believe in. No need to apologize there