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  1. suavestorm mc

    Not a great idea to give out positions like that holmes, just a tip. Thats how you get a half ass club.
  2. Esqueletos MC

  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    The Esqueletos MC are hyped for this Town Square!! EFFE is recruiting!
  4. Any mexican mafias or gangs?

    CHECK THE PAGE.... LUPRANO FAMILY, we should set something up when the game comes out.
  5. Any mexican mafias or gangs?

    The Esqueletos MC is where its gonna be poppin homie - EL JEFE
  6. Greetings From Texas.

    There is a Identity Motorcycle Community discord where our club along with others share and communicate, We encourage all to join even if you aren't in a club yet or you plan to create or look towards the community in the future. -Esqueletos Motorcycle Club
  7. Random Polls | Vol. 3

    I like these this is something i can get behind
  8. Tagging?

    Alright, that would be awesome if i can get more detail on this aspect it'd be great to see other peoples art work or Tagging your gangs logo or name will be amazing.
  9. Tagging?

    Will there be tagging and spray painting on walls? i believe it was mentioned in one of the streams on town square, If so how will you be able to spray paint and if you can where and how long will it last on the wall till it disappears? Lastly will this be in effect in Town square?
  10. Identity Motorcycle Club Community Discord

    If we have a positive intake in people joining our MC community discord we can make sure the community doesn't turn to shit like the GTA community. so either you have your own club or interested or could be interested in the MC community in the future of the game join the discord and get your foot in the door and meet all the new and old clubs coming to the Identity game.
  11. Foreal im from gta 5 and it aint gonna be anything like gta i cant wait to see these clubs try the same shit
  12. Just because your from “hells angels country” don’t mean shit and don’t give you any kind of credibility foo.
  13. Crime Organization

    Its a great idea as long as everyone follows the rules and procedures. Its possible but this access cannot be available to any chump who decided to make a crew for him and his two friends, If its going to be done it needs to be done correctly. If the Esqueletos mc can help in any way let me know.
  14. Esqueletos MC

    ESQUELETOS MC is going to be on GTA 5 for the time being recruiting before we move to identity. any is welcome to join.
  15. Lead MC

    Orale well shit happens.