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  1. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    For sure. I will email you when I get the chance. Expect one tomorrow in the afternoon.
  2. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Hmm. Well we do dabble in illegal racing. Buy ins of over 500 dollars sometimes. So yes, I will make a slow and steady income with my club. Even if I decide no to be a radio show host (which is my current occupation I forgot to say, street racing is on the side) and open a brokerage firm, and do some "illegal" things. I will definitely locate you and your party and use a parties defendant if I make it to a court of law.
  3. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Believe it or not, I am a street racer. Selling and buying legal and illegal parts for street racers, drifters and such. I was interested in opening up a brokerage firm, still am.
  4. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Again, sorry for the long response. I work long hours on the weekend. I both agree with these responses. Well said. In my honest opinion I think both of you know what the fuck you are talking about. I truly think I have said to much and have been beaten by the true extent of your superior dialect in this pleasant conversation. Carry on forth with your organization, I wish you the best of luck.
  5. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Sorry I could not get to you earlier! I would love to see you try out for the club, I'm so exited that you are interested!!! And that poster, what an amazing shot. Set up perfect in the format. Also, we could definitely use your organization. We plan on buying and shipping illegal/legal parts for street racers and such. Possibly delivering them to other businesses and right to their doorstep. Please message me to talk business and such
  6. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    okay sorry for the long response. I was too tired to process your response. I had a conversation like this with a good freind were he regarded the fact that men and women that lived in poverty had an equal chance no matter what. Like you stated in your reply. My problem with that though is why give every single person a chance if their are people who who don't need a chance. Hence a person who is or has the capability to be a multi-millionaire. In which my further statement is that communism will work better when the greater majority of the people are struggling. That's why with capitalism everybody has the chance to make it big. You have to be smart. When you have a country were everybody makes the same exact amount of money, men and women with potential to possibly make millions of dollars, do not have to opportunity. This leads to a downward butterfly effect spiral.
  7. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Could agree. Yet the pictures I posted are educational for younger audiences. Hence why it's so easy to figure out.
  8. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Awesome. I'm looking forward to it!
  9. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

  10. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Can I ask what you mean by contracts?
  11. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    No, no no. The process takes time. Read the post. What i'm saying is aren't you like a hitman? This is a non criminal organization, the only illegal things we dabble in are illegal car parts and street racing.
  12. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    yea., was a little bored. Made this on Photoshop.
  13. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Aren't you a hitman/mafia person? Why would you want to join The Midnight Chasers?
  14. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

  15. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Like Jonathan said, great to see you guys are ready.