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  1. Highwaymen MC

    Absolutely. Would love to do business. Much respect goes out to you Club and I would love to have friendship with you.
  2. Highwaymen MC

    Highwaymen MC is a 1% Motorcycle Club for men who have devoted their life toward the love of motorcycles, and are capable of doing illegal activities for the 1 percenter lifestyle. The Highwaymen are the modern day cowboys of the road. We take what we want, and fight to the death until our needs are satisfied. Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean that we will necessarily just pick a fight with a fellow MC because they have something we want, or just for the mere pleasure of it. However if you double cross us, fuck with our business, disrespect us, or disrupt our club… you will definitely be seeing us in the future. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What We Do The Highwaymen MC will be involved in many activities. All illegal activities will only be discussed with patched members and maybe some hangarounds. However illegal activities are not the only things we will be focused on. Motorcycle shows, partying, bars, and just riding are some other things that will be involved. When it comes to charity the Highwaymen may be a benefactor, but usually only because it will be beneficial to us, or to recompense another club/person(s). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Council The Council (aka Church) is the group of people in the MC who are involved in the decision making. The Council will have the President, Vice President, Sgt at Arms, Treasurer, All Life Members, and one Patchman. The Council can vote to let others in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES 1. NEVER rat on anyone! No matter if they are an enemy or not. 2. Be respectful to all in the club, and especially to your higher ups. 3. Don’t be an idiot. Especially when wearing our colors. 4. Learn how to respect few and fear none 5. Think before doing anything illegal. 6. If you get arrested on some business the club gave you, you take the time, fine, or whatever punishment. 7. Respect fellow 1 percenters and nomads. Unless our MC has a problem with them already 8. Do not start war with other MCs, Gangs, and Mafias. Unless the counsel agrees to doing so. 9. No operations go on without it being proposed to the President and council, and is agreed on by majority of the club. 10. People joining the club is voted on during a meeting. Everyone must agree to someone joining not just the President nor majority vote. ALL members must agree. 11.Club members look out for one another. We help each other anyway we can. We are family. You do not run in the face of fear. 12. No one does serious business without sharing it with the Council (such as a drug operation). The Council is to decide whether it is allowed for that person to do so. They can do small things like sell a few drugs, guns, etc… but if it is a serious and big operation, it is to be agreed on with the Council. *NOTE* You will never have to share ANY money you earn with the club. If you earned it by yourself, it is rightfully yours. 13. Members can not get hooked on drugs. Getting a little rush every now and then is one thing. As long as it is not during the day or when an operation is going to happen, or when you will be riding. Weed is accepted for members to use. However harder drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, etc… is frowned upon when used to much. If a member does get hooked on something hard, The club will offer them a chance to become clean, will send them to rehab, and will cover all expenses. If the user becomes clean, they may join back to their normal rank of the club, only if they promise to the MC they are completely clean and will not get hooked again. The President will decide whether they are allowed to use drugs moderately or not, depending on how bad the situation was for them. If it turns out that a member breaks the rule the President makes for them, or breaks the promise they made to the club about being clean, they will be beaten and kicked out of the club. 14. People who fuck with our bikes get beaten 15. People who disrespect the club get beaten 16. People who fuck with our bikes twice or more get killed 17. People who disrespect the family twice or more get killed 18. If a member were caught stealing from the club will have to repay us double and will be kicked out of the club. If they don’t repay us, they are killed. 19. If a member tells someone business the club doesn’t want shared, the loud mouth will have to kill whoever they told. Whether it is a close friend, or some stranger they met at a bar. They may also be punished for sharing info that is private. 20. Once you’re in the MC, you are in for life. The only way you get out is if you get a “dishonorable discharge”. This is a military term and is used in the club for people who dishonored the MC and were kicked out. They will be beaten then thrown out. If someone kills another member, attempts to kill another member, or rats, they will be killed instead of kicked out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RANKS President- The President, or “Pres” for short, is the leader and figurehead of the MC. He makes the most significant decisions for the club and is the highest ranked member, he will be respected the most by all members. Vice President- The Vice President, or “VP”, takes charge whenever the President is absent. If the President steps down or leaves the club, the Vice President will take over. He helps the President make decisions and helps out on the road and on jobs. Sergeant At Arms- The Sergeant At Arms, or “Sarge” for short, is in charge of keeping all of the men in line on jobs, and making sure everything is on schedule. They also make sure that the men are in line and follow the rules. If they see something that is sort of sketchy from another member, they can act on it immediately rather than go ask the President. They are essential the “Policemen” of the club. Road Captain- The Road Captain, or just “Captain”, is in charge of any sort of road trips the M.C makes (whether a quick ride, or long one). The Road Captain plans the route and the gas stops for a ride. He rides in the front of the pack when on the road either aside or just ahead of the President and Vice President. Treasurer- The Treasurer is in charge of all the cash the MC gets. They distribute pay to all of the members and they contribute money towards “groceries” such as guns, drugs, motorcycles, patches, etc… Secretary- The Secretary is in charge of all of the paperwork the club has to deal with and all of the events as well. If a member has a birthday or a promotion, the secretary makes sure that all members are aware and up to date. The secretary will also be in charge of any appointment for the mechanic shop, or any service the club has to do. Life Member- A Life Member is a member of the club who has either been in the club since day one. They were in the club and already had a set rank when the club started. They are the same as patch members but have a higher say and rank. Patchman- A Patchman is simply just a member of the Highwaymen. They can wear our colours and can earn patches. They can be sent on jobs and usually have a sort of category they work in. Some may do drug runs, hired killing, gun delivering, beatings, etc… They do the more tougher work that put them in danger. Prospect- A Prospect is a member who has not earned the right to wear the MCs colours, but are doing work for the MC. They will mostly do the smaller work and as time goes on they will be introduced to more intense jobs. If they seem they can handle it, and are respectful and loyal to the MC, they may become a Patchman if all members agree. Hangaround- A hangaround is usually someone who is not a part of the club but helps us. They are sort of “in our pocket”. They give us information that could be beneficial, or help us out of a jam. Usually they are police officers, lawyers, judges, etc… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Members President- Carter Crowe Vice President- Micky “Lucifer GT” Tohmpson Sergeant at Arms-(OPEN) Road Captain- (OPEN) Secretary-(OPEN) Life Member-(OPEN) Patchmen-(OPEN) Prospects-(OPEN) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~