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Found 5 results

  1. 0:23 About us and Long-Term Goals Black Diamond Enterprises was founded in Nashville, Tennessee and expanded upon in Ash Hill on a later date by two men which their real names are Unknown or Classified. Matthew S. Demonestra and Jose K. Rodriguez moved to the island off the Carolinas to start a new life and form the large Black Diamond Enterprises. Black Diamond is a Corporate Business you'd see anywhere nowadays... AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, Razer... etcetera, with alot of elements of a Mafia and Cartel. Inspirations come from Ghost Recon: Wildlands with the Santa Blanca rank structure and order and Grand Theft Auto: Online's business aspects with high rise offices and businesses. Our goals at Black Diamond Enterprises is most importantly to make as most cash to the leaders and employees as possible and become one of the biggest on the map, we strive for solid and well rounded leadership, loyal and willing Employees. Cash made will go to everyone in high up positions, Employees will get large payouts too cause without them what would be BDE? Rank Structure CEO of Black Diamond ---Sicarios--- COO of Black Diamond Head of Production | Head of Smuggling | Head of Security | Head of Influence | Head of Logistics | Head of Operations Underboss Employee Associate Interviewee Activities Drug Production, Weapon Manufacturing, Illegal Trafficking, Burglary, Illegal Gambling, Hijacking, Racketeering, Alcohol Bootlegging, Loansharking, Coercion, Extortion, Money Laundering, Cyber Crime, Bribery, Numbers Game, Chop Shop, Street Racing, Organized Retail Crime, Forgery. If it makes money, we do it. Applying to Black Diamond Requirments --- - Must be 16+ y/o - Must have a mic - Need to have Discord - Must be Mature and Active Join the Discord through this link and PM me with the following information(Use this format) Why do you wanna join BDE?: What sector are you most interested in?(Production, Operations, etc.): Name: Age: How active can you be?: Do you understand the Rank Structure and Rules and will abid by them?: WIP
  2. Pancho Villa Riders About Us Fransico "Pancho" Villa was born June 5, 1878, in La Coyotada, Mexico. He was a Mexican Revolutionary general and one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution. In the late 1970s, my father Emilio Piñón was born in La Coyotada, Mexico. My father at sixteen was working for the Mexican Armed Forces. For four years up until my birth, my father worked hard for them and he learned the story of Fransico Villa. My father an inspired man, with a troubled history with Mexico's toughest cartels, decided to start a motorcycle club and move his newborn son and two daughters to Tucson, Arizona. By this time I was only two years old still a baby. All my life I knew my father was a president of an MC. At the age fourteen, I watched father get gunned down by Viagras, Mexico hardest cartel. My father's best friend, Bruno Correa, took over the MC, but when I turned eighteen Bruno handed the MC over to me the rightful heir as president. My first order as president was to move to a remote island, which we did. For two years we have been on this island working hard, expanding connections, and doing what we do best, run the island. As of recently though we are now under a mafia The Narco Family, a family that my father and I have known for years. Supervisors Felipe Piñón - President (Available Slot) - Vice President (Available Slot) - Secretary (Available Slot) - Treasurer (Available Slot) - Sergeant At Arms Application We here at Pancho Villa Riders MC want you to join us and the only way to do that is to contact me via Discord DM through using my username stated below. Contact Us We are in dire need of new members you can apply using the link in the Application part of this post. We are interested in all alliance opportunities as well as any possible business partnerships. I, Felipe Piñón, am also interested in politics, I'd love to help a campaign money wise or something a little less friendly wise. Contact me via Discord my username is Chubbz#1449.
  3. Hi, I am a 25 years old graphics and UX designer from Sweden and i am looking for a cartel or a biker gang who are need for a cook. Doesn't really mater if its coke, meth, extacy or designer drugs. Ever since i watcher Breaking Bad i have wanted to make my own drugs in a van and create chaos. I will of course also help out with the development of the cartels website, logotypes and anything else i can come up with.
  4. Hello there, friends. When I started this post, I didn't think it would receive the amount of attention it did. With 600+ views, and 19 replies, it got far more attention then I've ever thought it would get. Over the past few months, I've been successful at recruiting members and allies. But, in the past week I've been experiencing lack of enthusiasm for my cartel. I've been thinking about it hard for the past few days, and I've decided what I wanna do. I've decided that I no longer wanna start a cartel. I thought about it, and I realized that starting a cartel is kinda out of my league. I'm just not that type of person. I'm still going to be a criminal, just not the head of a major cartel. I might join another cartel, or be an independent criminal. But my decision is final; the Peligroso Cartel is no more. I apologize for those who are disappointed with my decision. Best regards, DROSE
  5. The Lost Identity

    This is a clan off well organized and smart criminals who dont leave any traces behind what more can i say we do all kinds off missions if the payoff is right our team works together to get the best and untarceble criminal origanization if you want more information tell me we like to be unnoticed so i cant say more Rules 1 Listen to the Mission commander 2 Dont tell any one anything about this orginization 3 Be nice 4 Respect the Ranks 5 Have Fun!!!!!!! 6 Dont buy unnesesary mission "items" 7 Dont buy ramdone Intell 8 Be nice to cops 9 Dont leave traces 10 Dont betray us or there will be issues 11 Talk english 12 Have a mic Ranks 1 Recruit puppil so far Dan 2 Novice member so far Stefan 3 Aprentice member so far Hdog 4 Veteran familie 1 st grade so far Indi 5 Veteran familie 2 knd grade so far Nino 5 Mission cammander (only veterans can be chosen and it is diffrend for evry mission) so far Nino 6 Masterbrain so far Nino, Indi, Matthijs 7 Leader only Matthijs Here are some Notes I made It was long ago so some may be changed in the future Our gang music all rights remain at overkill members so far 1 Matthijs 2 Nino 3 Indi 4 Hdog 5 Stefan 6 Dan 7 8 9 10 Only 4 spots left !!!!!!!! ? JackMcLoud ?