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Found 1 result

  1. The Lost Identity

    This is a clan off well organized and smart criminals who dont leave any traces behind what more can i say we do all kinds off missions if the payoff is right our team works together to get the best and untarceble criminal origanization if you want more information tell me we like to be unnoticed so i cant say more Rules 1 Listen to the Mission commander 2 Dont tell any one anything about this orginization 3 Be nice 4 Respect the Ranks 5 Have Fun!!!!!!! 6 Dont buy unnesesary mission "items" 7 Dont buy ramdone Intell 8 Be nice to cops 9 Dont leave traces 10 Dont betray us or there will be issues 11 Talk english 12 Have a mic Ranks 1 Recruit puppil so far Dan 2 Novice member so far Stefan 3 Aprentice member so far Hdog 4 Veteran familie 1 st grade so far Indi 5 Veteran familie 2 knd grade so far Nino 5 Mission cammander (only veterans can be chosen and it is diffrend for evry mission) so far Nino 6 Masterbrain so far Nino, Indi, Matthijs 7 Leader only Matthijs Here are some Notes I made It was long ago so some may be changed in the future Our gang music all rights remain at overkill members so far 1 Matthijs 2 Nino 3 Indi 4 Hdog 5 Stefan 6 Dan 7 8 9 10 Only 4 spots left !!!!!!!! ? JackMcLoud ?