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Found 3 results

  1. I know this game suppose to be similar to real world. My questions is will their be evictions notices on apartments or monthly paid rent paid from player ingame bank accounts each month in the game. Will their be insurance you have to keep on cars, if you reck your car will their be and option to fix it at a mechanic garage or simply just total it out or cash it out. If car can be stolen if left unlock or no alarm is the car lost or if their in game insurance will they cover the cost.. Since I here that only the player that own a apartment, that player unless giving someone entrance to enter. So I assume no home break ins or robberies. Also will their be safes or storages to keep guns and personal vaiables to store or will thier only be a certain limit of guns that can be carried or will it be similiar to GTA the way a player buys and carries guns. But if a player is robbed should a player be able to take that character weapons if he choose to or the player can drop/give them up just like in Arma 3. also the movement of characters will they move/walk/run similiar to gta hopefully its nothing like Arma. With apartments lets say all the apartments are taken up in a certain area,, and than again lets just say you have palyers that have apartments but one played on the server one time and I'm like dang why dont the character loose his apartment after a certain amount of days or no money in account being he most likely on another server.. Also does game money follow from server to server including weapons and clothes or does going to another server have to make a new character get a new job etc...
  2. BCR MC - GTA V Crew

    So i have made a GTA crew for my club in the hopes to give my club something to do while we await the games release and also to give members a chance to get to know eachother. This club is open to all BCR MC members but id also like to open it to all the other MC's out there so we can all get in a ride together. Let me know if you and your club would like to join us and just pop me a PM with your GTA username and ill add you in. Hope to ride with you all soon, even if its not in Identity.
  3. MTA SA (Closest to Identity)

    MTA SA is basically, Gta SanAndreas multiplayer on PC. There is one server on that game called Cit2. It usually has 800 people on it. Basically no NPC, and 800 real people on the SanAndreas map. There are tons of jobs, Police, ambulance, fireman, garbage man, farmer, fisher, pilot, and criminal. With all of these jobs come custom scripting to make them full. Farmers have custom jobs, and ways to plant things and get money, fisher get boats and do a sort of minigame to actually get fish, and criminals have turfing, different drugs, robbing stores, atms, and houses. Every house on the server is also ownable by a player like identity will be. In case anyone plays the game, pm me.