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Found 3 results


    Anybody here into fashion , anime , and just fucking shit up ? i know im not the only one .
  2. The Kirito Family (Anime Clan)

    Dear fans! I'm a huge fan of anime and you probley aswell. There will be more information in a mounth. Let me know if you intressted! What is the Kirito Family Group? The Kirito family Group is a group made up of the citizens of Identity who show their support to each other. What does this group entitle me to? Although it may not seem much for you, it means a lot to the members of the club that you show your support to us. In return, we want to give you all that we can to make you feel that you are as wanted by us as you are as wanted by us. By joining this group you will be able to buy items of clothing branded by Anime fans. with our support patch seen above. You will also be able to join our members at local events where you can get to know them and ask any questions you might have. We will make a own teamspeak server as soon the clan is big enough. Do I have to pay to join this group? No. This group is entirely free, there will be not any application fees or any application whatsoever. How do I join the support group? Simply forward your name to KiritoKun (My profile) and he will ensure that your name gets put down on our register. Group Members: Member Total: 0
  3. Anime Listing

    Okey so I usually watch anime cause I am bored, aren't too many mafia movies so I look normally into anime ( romance etc ) So yeah don't stereotype me just yet as I still want my rep as a mobster to say it that way, however I still got different sides and I am sure you do too! If you know any good animes you want to share then go on but guys this is serious we need rules! Cause some people can disagree to an amazing level so much that it might become like, wow. Anyhow if you wonder what I watch here is my list: