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  1. WtF where’s my game?

    You can bet that if it does actually launch today, it will be at 4:59pm
  2. Beach Ball Has Left

    Another nail in the coffin for Asylum
  3. About Release Date

    Don't place your bets on it, just look at how long this last task is taking. I wouldn't be surprised if the tracker finally gets completed then a part 2 comes.
  4. Size.

    11gb is definitely not the standard for a tiny town square with barely anything to do inside, even nowadays.
  5. Still Waiting..

    What's the point of this post?
  6. Seriously!

    Notice how I said 'I think I speak for everyone' rather than 'I speak for everyone'. But fair enough, thanks for giving your comment.
  7. Seriously!

    Can you quote where I was hating on anyone?
  8. Seriously!

    Alright, then what's your opinion on the whole thing? Pretty pointless comment if you won't expand upon it.
  9. Seriously!

    Forget spoilers - I think most people just want to get their hands on the game or see what the game has to offer. We're (I think I speak for all) just looking forward to playing a part what we've waited so long for, not exploring what content hasn't been shown in streams because lets be honest, there's not going to be much more to TS that hasn't already been shown.
  10. Seriously!

    It's all well and good saying this but there's absolutely 0 to show for this. Give us more gameplay or something, anything that shows that progress is being made.
  11. Seriously!

    Give me a break, even if the tracker was working there would be no difference because there's nothing to update!
  12. I'm back.... And I'm not here with good news.....

    My mistake. Odd LuckyDuck should say that because I thought most artists worked from home anyway.
  13. I'm back.... And I'm not here with good news.....

    Who said anything about where people should work from?
  14. I'm back.... And I'm not here with good news.....

    At this point I can't help but agree. At first I thought it was legit - I saw 5 tasks left and I was excited, expecting TS to be out within a month or so. But it's been give or take 3 months now (I think?), and it's taking the piss now.
  15. I'm back.... And I'm not here with good news.....

    Talk about a lack of clarity.... how did it go from 3 to 5? Why is everyone saying different things?