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Found 12 results

  1. So after my long time playing this game (ten minutes before a random server outage then the game crashed), I was able to conjure up a few things to say. First off I cant even start the game now after the last update. Next you have probably seen me running around as named Tasso Psaltakis. Well if you saw me you would have seen my voice chat constantly not working and I was only able to communicate using type chat. BUT, I waited long and hard for this and as a glimpse of what we have waited for I am not disappointed entirely. I enjoyed running around looking at the different areas because visually the game looks so nice. Functionally the game has many problems. If you have any questions please reply to this so I may continue to indulge about my experience. GET THE GAME FIXED SO I CAN PLAY PLEASE!!!!
  2. Ok. The poll yesterday went well. I was able to put together a good Idea where most of you stand. I am going to say the most votes was in 100% which is like to see. But we did get a large number of No Hopes, and 25%. Which I am not surprised about. While going through the comments all of you made (and again thank you for them I get to really see what everyone is thinking) I saw that Lucky Duck said a lot of the devs don't work in the office.Which concerns me. Because I know for a fact we probably have most of the dev team sitting at home watching youtube and eating ramen. if there is no way to monitor the work flow how are you going to get anything done. I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this topic!! Thanks!
  3. So long we have waited for this game I want to take a poll to see where you guys Still Stand. Like Always I am still 100% but I do have my complaints.
  4. So Y'all Know

    Hey Guys. Well I am here again but let me take my mind of of Town Square and talk about me for a bit. Over the past few months i have been getting msgs and topic responses saying I don't know shit about this game. Saying I have only supported the game for a few months. Well let me tell you all about how I learned about Identity. My friend one day came on our discord server and told us about a new game that had hit kickstarter and gave us a link. I didn't immediately give money cause I wanted to wait a while. A month later my friend said he pledged so I did the same the next day. Then eventually the website came out. YAY. OR so I thought. Delays after delays. I was still loyal to this game. Like I still am today. But Then All the way to April 23rd when the module was supposed to be released it didnt so I joiined the forums to speak my mind. THAT is why my date joined is April 23rd. Thanks
  5. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Everyone please. I get angry too but we cannot let that get in the way of this game. I say we give the Devs more time. I know how hard it is to make a game. SO all we have to do is give time. Also like I said yesterday GTA V took 5 years to create. FIVE YEARS. You guys need to understand that this game is offering a lot more than GTA and the fact they are actually getting us something to play is great. You guys need to understand that staying loyal to the cause will help the Devs. We must show that we still support the game. I would like to hear what you guys have to say please reply and I will be checking the forum hourly!
  6. Hello everyone. Yesterday I posted my first post back on the forums. Now I am going to be active on the forums but I am here today to tell you all that I am still proud of this community. Wether we are arguing or begging for answers we are banded together. That is what will hopefully make this game succeed. Now IF anyone has any questions they would like me to bring up pls DM me or just comment on this post. I hope you all have a great day and I will be checking the forums all day!
  7. Ok. So If most of you wonderful community members remember me that is good. But for the rest of you who don't let me introduce myself again. I am TPlays. I have been backing this game for a long time. I mean a long time. Now the thing about that means I have seen the ups and a lot of downs. But I have always been on the dev teams side. But today I bring my first formal complaint. Why on God's Earth have we been at one task remaining for more than 2 months. I mean come on. I have done nothing but fight for this game and fight for people to know that I love and support this gAme. But devs you are making me look like an idiot. But none the less. I am still going to support that the devs deliver the game we were all promised a long time ago.
  8. I am really interested in this game, major question is what can we do since there is no police force for town square until the entire game comes out, is there any jobs we can do or is this just so we can create a character then stand around for another year while you make another one.
  9. Hello I know that not the full game will be accessable in this module. So what can you do actually in this one? Only every social part interaction wise? So you cant get a job. become a police officer or criminal ? Iam just curiouse since iam about to buy the 30$ module but aint sure what all will be included.
  10. I don't know if this has been answered in the past (by the devs or by the community) so my apologies if it is. When TS drops in a few days (or maybe few weeks who knows?) will a 'town square' be the complete module release. Or are we going to access to the whole island to play around with and cars and guns be limited (or even none existent). I only ask this because if there is only the town square and everything listed on the TS page, Won't 99% of the community load in. walk around for 5 minutes, check out the bars, the library, the apartments and think 'yep. i've seen enough. see you in 6 months'? Are we able to start a career with the starting module? police, emt, mail man ect. or is this simply a beta test on how annoying 30 people singing along to 1 song at a karaoke bar can be? i would loveif someone has a direct link to a dev blog explaining what exactly is coming. Thanks!
  11. This is a repost of GamingSpectres, I take no credit for what is written! Original found here, link. Hello, I've developed a mini-project if you would refer to it like that for the common area of the Identity community! Now this isn't the only thread being published because I am spreading the word about this! Q: So, what does this teamspeak offer? A: We offer channels for groups, crews & etc. Groups & Crews will be on there permanently unless removed for breaking a rule! Q: Does It Cost? A: Fuck you obviously!? Nahhh it don't its a free service from me too the community. I got the O-Kay from Mr @Paratus so dont kill me please I will give you free cookies Q: Does it cost to use a channel for my crew / etc? A: Crew Channels & Etc will be free of charge, all it requires is the group leader/don/owner/ceo watever da hell?! But yeah it only requires that because I am a nice guy & why not? Derp Q: What gets my channel removed? A: Removed channels (groups n etc) will be removed due to one of these reasons: Inactive - UnUsed - Explicit Convos Or Images - Rude To Staff etc.. Q: Is It An Official Identity Server? A: Sadly fuckers it isn't, its just a public one for everyone on the forums... Current stuff on the server right now: We might run/base this off The Official, Main & Dedicated Servers Of Identity!!! More details coming later! Kind Regards, GamingSpectres =~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~= =~~~= =~~~= =~~~= Identity Public TeamSpeak Server =~~~= =~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=
  12. A place to chat

    Hello all, My name is Doc Rogers, you may call me Doc. I am the California President for the Bad Company Rangers MC. I have decided to extend my TS as a place for ALL forum users to converge to hang around and chat about the game and or forums. Teamspeak: When joining please use your forum name, a lot easier to recognize users that way. All I ask is that everyone please follow the TS rules as provided by myself and @Herzog or any Admin that may be on. Hope to see all you forum users online and chatting it up! Who knows maybe we can get the great @Motown to come and hang out! Cheers and have a great day. - Doc Bad Company Ragers MC President, California