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  1. Well, the day is almost here.

    Guns won't be In the town square. Housing won't be in the town square iirc. Vehicles won't be in the town square (which I imagine includes bikes). Money won't be in the town square. The only confirmed town square features are books, paintings, chess, karaoke, movies, and Voip.
  2. Why don't you just outsource your security? There's lots of competition. I''m sure you'll get a good price.
  3. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Would you look at that. ANOTHER private security corporation. Such an over-saturated market.
  4. I feel betrayed

    Micro-transactions in games make boatloads of money. There is no reason not to put cosmetic micro-transactions into your game.
  5. Identity Airâ„¢

    It's been confirmed there will no air vehicles in the game. The devs said they dont want people flying over the map and missing all the RP on the ground.
  6. My Response to Grey Fox's Rant.

    I made a video trying to go through point by point of why I think a lot of Grey Fox's arguments don't follow with the reality of game development. The devs are working on a very tight budget considering the scale they want this project to be. Please just be patient. The worst thing you can do is take away your money and support right as they finally get some momentum going.
  7. how can i work in a bank later

    Dollabank is always hiring. PM me and I can explain how player operated banks will most likely work in Identiy.
  8. Prostitution?

    Nothing is stopping you from RPing that, but the action will not be supported via in game animations, nor code.
  9. there won't be enough cops if the gangs take over everything and kos all the cops. Cops will stop playing because it's boring getting killed repeatedly by super powerful gangs.
  10. No. It happens all the time. Players either quit the server because one gang dominates them, or join the gang that is dominating. Thats how it happens ALL THE TIME IN SANDBOX MMOs.
  11. Kind of sucks that stealth is out of the picture

    Yes, you will still be wanted, but without the bounty system it would be impossible to prove any crimes happened. You can dispute the bounty in court, and if your mafia influences run deep you will probably be able to get out "free" (Assuming no witnesses saw you murder your target in cold blood). Trust me, they're all parking tickets...
  12. Kind of sucks that stealth is out of the picture

    In the Asylum arma 2 server your bounty was just a cash value. No criminal record. Murder gave you a larger bounty, but otherwise it was nondescript.
  13. Kind of sucks that stealth is out of the picture

    Well here's the thing. You may gain a bounty, but the police don't necessarily know what that bounty is for. It could just be parking tickets.
  14. Yeah definitely don't be a game developer. That isn't fun. Games have to be fun.
  15. Kind of sucks that stealth is out of the picture

    Stealth in not out of the picture just because silencers aren't in the game. There are other silent ways to kill that don't involve firearms. Not to mention someone who is stealthy as a ghost should never have to kill.