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    In response to the new kickstarter update I can confrim that DONT PANIC WAS good advice. Hopefully they have some towel models in.

    As I said, the boring stuff (and time consuming stuff) is being done now, I would rather the creators not spamming my twitter with code from the engine etc. Even if there are issues going on with production, Panicking will only put more pressure on the devs. I doubt that rage and anger spam will make them want to continue developing.

    I just wanted to say DON'T PANIC in large caps and post it, I feel some people have been expecting much faster progress on this game but fail to realise the large amount of boring ground work required in a game of this scale. Unlike modding games like ARMA III (with mods like DayZ), much of the game engine and foundation needs to be worked properly to have a stable yet adaptable foundation. Let's give the devs as much time and support they need to release a solid and fun game. I'll finish with the old cooking quote "If you're looking, it ain't cooking. Also always bring a towel.
  4. Intranet

    Then one could go really crazy and make ingame vlogs about their day etc.
  5. Can't claim a place in the town square

    If you scroll to the bottom of this page " " , there is a progress bar. Currently it is 55% ready.
  6. Can't claim a place in the town square

    The spot in the town square thing is only relevant to those who haven't already pre ordered or backed the game, you already have claimed a spot if you backed it.
  7. So as for recreational intoxicant usage

    Following on from NUTTERBUTTER's question, will excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drugs have an outwards effect on how a person looks. ie. if one is very drunk will one occasionally stumble or wobble, and if one is addicted to a type of drug, will they have a relevant physical appearance to go with that drug type?
  8. Player interactions

    I think that's what this game is about, you can be anybody and do anything. Within the limits of the game design obviously. I personally want to be able to sit at a cafe table and drink tea, rattling off wise tea related sayings.
  9. Hi fellow immigrants as a new years starts so does the infamous new years resolutions, so what challenges have been set and how do you think you will fare? My largest challenge is to limit myself to 30 mins a day on 9gag :), who knew that scrolling down could be so addicting.
  10. Don't worry it isn't a bug its working fine, It automatically added my pledge amount before I even claimed it. Your system is too good for me :).
  11. Hello, I was wondering about how our kick-starter accounts/status/rewards will be connected to our accounts on this new website. Also will there be any implementation of rewards in the modules?
  12. Hello everyone and happy new year. Looking forward to continual updates on the project with high potential.