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Found 2 results

  1. About me

    I am a Private Military Contractor, specialising in Special Operations, Personal Protection, Shipping Protection, Over Watch, Reconnaissance and more. A little about me I'm Michael Mastiff, but you can call me 'Foxhound'. I am ex-special forces, which included two tours in Iraq, and many counter terrorism operations. As a Private Military Contractor I can provide anything you need from a body guard, to a sniper. Spec ops, to an armoured escort. I work closely with an intelligence agency that cannot be named for security reasons, but it allows us to be one step ahead of the enemy. We will have agents in the government that can provide us useful intelligence on our mission. No mission is to much for us. Any mission, any time, anywhere. Services Our services vary massively. This is list is an example, but is not limited to, what we can do. Security Special Operations Reconnaissance Home Protection Armed Escort Over Watch Spying Private investigations Don't see what you require here? Don't worry! We can probably do it anyway! Prices Prices will vary on the job, and the time it will take, so for an accurate quote feel free to ask me. Message for gangs, police, PMC's and special forces As well as doing all these missions, we can also offer training. Our training is state of the art, one of the best programmes in the world. With over 50+ years of instructing. No matter which one of our agents you pick to train you, you will have certainty that he or she is extremely experienced. Remember, war has no rules. With the best tactics taught, including hand to hand combat, weapon handling, sniper operations and breach and clear, you will come out a better soldier.
  2. Hi fellow immigrants as a new years starts so does the infamous new years resolutions, so what challenges have been set and how do you think you will fare? My largest challenge is to limit myself to 30 mins a day on 9gag :), who knew that scrolling down could be so addicting.