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Found 1 result

  1. So we all know alcohol makes you see blurry and makes you lean which ever way. I heard that drugs were finding their way into the game, I'm curious if this means they're simply a currency or if you can actually use them. To the actual question, I want to know if we do use which ever, if that gives us addiction points, or advantages/disadvantages to using them. And if they're going to be intensely different or if they're all going to be relatively similar. As I've heard heroine makes you flop on the ground and meth I've heard makes you feel like a gangster, so 28th that in mind, would you get a speed or strength bonus to using such. A sloppy hand to aiming a gun when your alcoholic character is not drunk? And twitching screen when the speed addicted character... Ya.. You get the idea, is this the case in the game? Is it going to be that creative? Or is it simply currency?