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  1. All responsive themes have some type of problem with them backend or frontend. This is quite a good responsive theme.
  2. What to do with cheaters?

    @Reaperman They'll probably implement battle-eye or Easy Anticheat. CSGO uses vac & overwatch. Vac is garbage and overwatch would be legitimately impossible in an MMORPG.
  3. The World

    What happens when your stress reaches a limit? Have you guys planned what's the whole point of the stress system?
  4. Well, I don't think they're going to add new terrain to the map itself. The map is already quite large and each server holds X amount of players. They probably won't add an "Add-on" to the map itself(excluding special events like Halloween or Christmas). Adding new maps isn't a good idea because if one map is better than the other, guess what happens? Empty servers. But here's the map, I'm not positive that it's the official map.
  5. Happy New Years?

    So how are you guys gonna spend your new years?