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  1. Hello Identity - This is Me.

    @JamesLuck01 Hi bud. I've noticed that you type the same generic message in everyones introduction with slight deviation on occasions. It would be a more valuable post if you took content from the actual post I made and devised a reply that actually holds some unique value It would show class and respect and also brings quality to this specific area of the forum. As of now I am not enticed to reply to your questions even though I am an avid sociophile. Something to think about
  2. Hello Identity - This is Me.

    Hehe @Saint6 the "why?" component was just rhetorical The great question favored by children and geniuses alike! @facade Thank you good sir. I am currently here and surviving, albeit barely
  3. Hello Identity - This is Me.

    Hi to everybody who cares to read my little introduction First of all I would like to say that this game looks promising thus far and impressed me enough to donate for the VIP package. @Paratus and @Motown both seem very genuine, determined and passionate to make this game a success so the choice was an easy one to make. I wish you both the utmost success. And now onto the introduction. I am 27 years old living in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Vancouver to be exact. And well... honestly I'm surprised that you are still reading this. In fact I'm urged to ask you an important question you should ponder... WHY? Besides, there is not anything else to know about me so... Goodbye. Sayonara. Adios. ... Still continuing to read I see... There is honestly nothing else. You should spend your time elsewhere, more productively. ... Unless... unless... unless you want to know the fact that I'm currently awake when I shouldn't be since I have 4 hours till my shift at the hospital starts and I have not slept since waking up 20 hours ago. That probably explains this extremely disturbing introduction I'm currently attempting but sadly failing miserably at typing. Lacking clear direction and focus... that's something I don't want in Identity. No... I want to actually achieve something in this game. Believe it or not, I'm actually pretty good at video games. However, it seems in my current mindset it's apparent that I need a miracle... a miracle?... a... Miracle. Hello again! Still not working. This is getting a little longer than I had anticipated and yet you know nothing about me. At least nothing positive. It is actually hopeless... I really need to sleep. I REALLY need to sleep... I REALLY NEED TO SLEEP. That's it. I've convinced myself. I guess that ability is considered a positive? please? Goodnight. Miracle sorry if I hurt your head.