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Found 3 results

  1. It's seems that my items and access to the closed beta, as there in no direct way of asking the CM's i'm posting it here, with the same name!
  2. Identity RPG ' Pledge Cards '

    This is an idea I have, you know that you have to redeem a code for example, a ITunes card so you can buy music, apps and games for your Iphone? I was thinking about this one idea where Aslyum Entertainment will create their own " Pledge Cards " or however you want to call them. My reason for why I would bring up this idea in the first place is because people with credit cards would not want to put their own credit card information into the account. I would buy these cards at GameStop and I could redeem these points so I could buy for example: the Citizen pack for $15.00. What do you guys think?
  3. Hello, I was wondering about how our kick-starter accounts/status/rewards will be connected to our accounts on this new website. Also will there be any implementation of rewards in the modules?