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  1. Optimization

    Will there be any optimization for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, and maybe even special drivers for Identity or what about DX12? Because I imagine a game like this with a giant map and this level of detail and possibilities is going to be really intensive on your PC. And people want good performance for a good gaming experience. Will it need a lot of RAM? Will it use a lot of CPU power? Are there many video and graphics options? Give your ideas about this, and maybe a response of one of the devs?
  2. agriculture

    Well it is a roll playing game, so that things take time and are realistic is pretty normal in my eyes.
  3. Speed limits

    What about speed cameras, so you'll get automatic fines aswell but not everywhere on the map, just in crowded places for safety.
  4. agriculture

    I would like something like farming simulator 2016, maybe a bit less in depth. It would be cool to buy pieces of land and plant crops on them and then sell them. Farming equipment to work on your land would be amazing, maybe even farm animals, like cows, sheep or chickens. Would be cool to see this in-game!
  5. Business Ideas

    How would you guys like to see the businesses in Identity, will there be any cooperations between companies? Will there be competition between them? Does a business have an office building and offices for each employee? Business advertising on, for example, busses or cars? Maybe cartels that are going to rob your business and keep hostages? More locations for one business? And maybe even custom office designs? Hope to see your ideas and suggestions! FishFood
  6. Can't claim a place in the town square

    I know what you mean dude, the first time I saw the Identity trailer I just got goose bumps and I thought "This is gonna change gaming in the future". I think you still can pay more if you want, to unlock the beta access.
  7. Can't claim a place in the town square

    Okay, thanks. I didn't really understand what the point was of the Town Square, but now it's clear.
  8. Can't claim a place in the town square

    So the town square module is actually a playable part of the game? And when it is finished we can actually download and play it?!
  9. Core Transport Job listings.

    Forum name: FishFood2016 Website name: FishFood2016 In-game name: FishFood, if it has to be a real name then "Jack Moon" (<-- has always been my RP name) Position of interest: Logistics Manager Why?: You seem to be really organized already and I think it's a great idea to have a transport company like this. I don't know how many people are already in this company (maybe you could let me know). Experience: I'm really good at making routes and navigating around maps, and personally I think I'm pretty good at organizing the work environment. Past applicant: NO (If you want to contact me for questions or something, I have skype ts or even add me on steam just let me know)
  10. What is your Account ID?

    Mine's 90, still under 100
  11. Can't claim a place in the town square

    Okay then, so I'll basically just have to wait for it to be done?
  12. Can't claim a place in the town square

    But how can you use the town square then?
  13. Hi, I was trying to claim a spot at the town square, but it brought me to the shop page. When I go to my profile it says I have backed 30 dollars, which is correct, but it still doesn't allow me to claim at the town square. I hope to hear from the devs, FishFood