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  1. Kareoke

    Coolio, Gangsta Paradise ?
  2. Oh, may be September is TS month
  3. Identity competition? Nine to Five

    Hmm, very intresting.
  4. Instagram fan page

    Up this thread
  5. Disappointment and A Vague Tracker

    I really want to see what progress they will make in the next week.
  6. One delay to much

  7. Delay announced by Motown

    apparently the weekend is not considered
  8. Delay announced by Motown

    I've invested my money so long ago in the project that now I do not care about these money
  9. Delay time

    Don't forgot about programming tasks. It's take more time than Art.
  10. Delay time

  11. Delay announced by Motown

    It is not argument, it is my job
  12. Delay announced by Motown

    I'm just IT specialist.
  13. Technology of mega server ? All games use it now. Different server for different regions - after release or closed beta.