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  1. Town Square Module Estimated Release Date?

    I don't see the game getting a release date anytime soon. Let's not forget the "Town Square" module was announced on December 22, 2015. Again.. the "module" was announced in 2015..
  2. Town Square Module Estimated Release Date?

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand September 30th and still nothing. Can't wait for the release!! Oh wait, everyone still is.
  3. Release the game

    If I had a business such as a tech support company I would pay a cleaning company to perform janitorial duties. I would also not tell my customers or potential customers that a product would be releasing on a specific date if it wasn't going to. Then if I had to delay my product for however long, I would update my subscribers, investors, or backers frequently, not once a month about one item a janitor is making. And the information would be pertaining to the release. I would also consider getting rid of artists and hire programmers or developers in order to get my product out.
  4. Release the game

    I didn't know if anyone noticed.. but it's September 10th... and uh... I wonder if anyone is losing interest in this "game." Please do not mention the last dev blog.. I mean they spoke about a few things while someone spent an hour making a toothbrush.... a toothbrush......... lol
  5. Release the game

    One week later and still nothing. Tracker still says last updated 2 days ago and nothing but crickets from the devs. At least their new website says the Town Square release is "very close" opposed to the previous "imminent."
  6. Release the game

    The devs should stop working on 3500 different lamps, couches, and different styles of shirts and instead focus on the game. Maybe the "module" could be released by the end of the year. There are still two more modules (SWAT and Racing) left. The full game will not be out until 2020 (or later). Remember when this was posted on Kickstart, the release date was 2016. I have watched this game for over a year and chose to wait before I pledged, which I am glad I did. Wish the devs would give people answers why this is taking so long. The "tracker" has had one item left for several weeks but the recent post says the tracker was updated 2 days ago (not sure what was updated). Those who have invested and pledged deserve answers and a release date now... not "soon."