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  1. Who screwed the pooch?

    Release date unfulfilled, Twitter accounts getting deleted and the usual stony silence we’ve come to expect from Asylum. Seeing as we won’t be even given the chance to break this module today I thought I’d run a poll for fun to take my mind away from the disappointment it’s yet again experiencing. Is this just another monumental fuckup or is something more nefarious afoot? And do you even care anymore? Edit: HairyGrenade has responded in the comments about his twitter status
  2. WtF where’s my game?

    Come on it’s the 30th of November where’s my fucking game? Only joking sorry if I click baited you but it is technically the 30th in the UK and most of Europe so I’m guessing we have to wait for America, Canada etc to catch up huh? Or they will cry about unfairness lol Still I’m pretty excited after waiting so long and I know there’s not that much to really do in the initial module but socialise so I will see you guys there!
  3. A slight concern

    Firstly I dont believe the devs are scamming us but.... Anyone else worried that these ‘final bugs’ are unfixable, and another rebuild is necessary? I really hope not but the amount of time they’re taking is a bit worrying