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  1. 1 day left

    If they don't release the release date in time, they at least have tell us.
  2. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    I'd like to think like you ..
  3. how big is town square

    Big enough
  4. Topic for French

    Personnellement je suis actuellement propriétaire d'une communauté de 2 000 membres sur le rôleplay sérieux de Garry's Mod et ouvrirait un serveur Identity exclusivement français et sérieux dès le premier jour d'ouverture.
  5. Voice Changer?

    It would be annoying if people started using voice changers to troll with impossible voices, that wouldn't realistic ...
  6. Gender, Male or Female?

    I'll play as a male since I'll use my voice on custom servers, but why not create a female character on the official servers, unfortunately, you get treated differently when you're a woman in multiplayer video games ...
  7. Ok, thank you for your answers
  8. Are we talking in days ? Months ? (Oh and my bad for the "a few days", just some rumors I've seen on the forum)
  9. What happens when you die?

    You stop living.
  10. Hey, I was wandering : Will the upcoming module be there on time ? Because a lot of stuff in Identity were delayed (Especially the full game that was supposed to come out in early 2017), and, since the Town Square module is supposed to be released in a few days, it'll be nice if we could get more information on whether or not the module will arrive on time.
  11. Hey ! I'm actually a french serious roleplayer, and I was wondering if the officials servers will only be in english, or if we could speak different languages on other officials servers ( Like everybody on those servers will spoke the same language ), because it'll be kind of sad if we must go to some custom servers that are less good than the officials one ( Amount of players connected at the same time, Quality of the administration, Quality of the roleplay, etc ... ) to play with people that are speaking the same language as you.