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  1. all about helping the devs so game making can go more smoothly

  2. Earlier Release

    Exactly if you want to pledge more so they can hire more and get bigger teams so thing can go more smoothly awesome but never ask for earlier release dates because that's when games go to shit because they get released way too soon and things get unfinished and shit crashes....let the devs take their time so we can have a beautiful game that everyone can love
  3. Earlier Release

    I don't want an earlier release just an earlier beta because destiny was released a lot earlier than it was supposed to and it was garbage compared to what it was supposed to be, so like i said screw earlier release people can wait but I wouldn't mind seeing an earlier beta so we the people can see what is being worked on and how far you guys have come and so we ourselves and give compliments and notes so you guys can have it easier on the development because you will have the feedback notes on what needs fixing or what could use improvement or most of all what could already be perfect.
  4. [FAQ] Police Department

    i dont think that admin will be chosen till beta
  5. Gas

    I am really hoping this is realistic enough for gas is required for cars because otherwise police chases will never end and it won't be as realistic as a lot of people want because I have seen a lot of games say they have "realistic cars" and they do a great job but I don't see how it can be realistic if you don't have to refuel your vehicle.
  6. [FAQ] Police Department

    so far there's only what admins have posted on forums other than that no one really does
  7. [FAQ] Police Department

    yes there will be in-game police and I will be one of em as for ranks it goes Police FBI and investigators as for their leaders will be admins
  8. [FAQ] Police Department

    you can't be chief a game admin will be chief
  9. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    you might want to add a picture
  10. Custom Clothing Creator

    That would actually be really cool because then if your an underground DJ or producer, rapper etc like me you can get your logo in game and have it spread around like that and then people will get curious and look it up....if they implement this it would be great for artists to also expand their work
  11. Sex

    I don't see how simple cuddling can be an issue I think they might add that one
  12. Upvoting Ideas

    I just thought it would be a good idea and to help them out I want to help them make the game as easy as possible to it can release sooner because I am really excited for this game.
  13. Upvoting Ideas

    I get your point but instead of them of having to go to each string and a very very long list of ideas they most upvoted ones can appear at the top or even be pinned so they don't have to scroll through a long list of the most popular ones Not to mention the votes are for people rep in the community and your only aloud 10 a day
  14. Upvoting Ideas

    I agree but if they do this they can see which one player wants most
  15. Everyone gets an Alias Card

    I believe this to be an amazing idea