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    That should work for Identity as long as you're playing on lower settings.
  2. I have recently pledged $30 towards this game and I plan on pledging more. But one question for me remains to be answered, how long will the Town Hall Module be active for. Will it end when the beta comes out?
  3. My PC Build

    Definitely go for a decent Intel i5 or an AMD Ryzen CPU. Ryzen will have 4 cores and 8 threads for only $229 or 4 core 4 thread for $129. For the GPU, I would personally wait until AMD Vega or NVIDIA Volta (both are new GPU architectures coming out in early to middle of 2017).
  4. Testing Module 1

    What are the specs to your laptop?(Processor Ex. i5 2400M, Graphics Card Ex. Intel HD Graphics 3000, RAM in Gigabytes).
  5. Playing this game!

    This is true for one of my friends who sincerely wants to play Identity.
  6. We have a Huge problem!

    We have formed a community unlike any other game. I have a feeling that this will be special! See y'all in game!
  7. Identity Graphic

    Do you plan on making them in 4K when we have access to the modules?
  8. Thank you for making this!