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Found 9 results

  1. Question about the property I own

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I have been searching for an answer but cant seem to find anything. I am a little confused about something and wanted to ask and confirm before finding a server to settle on... Firstly, with the pledge I made, I got ingame items such as property/apartment/studio, etc... Is that only applicable to one server? Like a one time use on just one server and never again or will I get that on all servers I join? I ask because I don't want to join a server, settle for a week, and then I'm stuck on that server that actually turns out to be full of toxic idiots. Thanks in advance Pooch
  2. As the title suggests. I know this is quite a huge request and it isn't necessarily realistic, but I still wanted to share my idea. Why not outsource 3D content creation to the community? Identity will most probably be a huge success, which I have no doubt about. It might redefine MMO gaming in a way I have always dreamed of. But take a look at the incredible, nearly immeasurable amounts of 3D content you as the developers will have to create. Especially things like cars and customizable parts clothing items all kinds of tools/items and even furniture will require insane amounts of work in addition to the gameworld itself. I don't want to compare GTA in any gameplay-related way, but in terms of the stuff I mentioned, especially the variety of GTA Online serves as a great example for these categories, only in Id everything will be usable and cooler, of course. My suggestion continues as follows: 1. Open content creation and -submission to the community. 2. Establish a jury among your people who will judge all submitted content by criteria like low-poly enough? still quality models? fits the general game art style? still needed? cars: enough customizable parts, enough detail, yet not too much? car licensing? (whole new topic that I don't know about yet) 3. Integrate content that matches your criteria into new game updates, somehow credit the authors. 4. If some really great 3D designers appear to get their models approved frequently by your jury and players use their stuff often in-game, maybe pay them some money or in-game currency (?) (RL-money only as soon as you're making profit with the game, of course) 5. Shorten your development times greatly by repeating 1-4. EDIT: 4.1 Open calls for bids for items you specifically need Greetings, a fan
  3. New items in the shop

    I think the items you can buy in the shop are great! But will we be able to get everything in-game with in-game money?
  4. Hi there fellow Identity players! This is my first post here on the forums and I do have to say I am very excited to see what's next for the development. I can only imagine the enormity of the task before the developers, and for that, I commend their continuing interest in such a game. Many players including myself have been looking for a game such as this for a very long time, unfortunately, of which the major studios never found an interest in. I will spread the word on my YouTube account when appropriate (about 4k subscribers) because I want to see this succeed and get the funding it deserves. There's much more to talk about but for my first post I'd like to ask what we'll be using, as citizens, to design, develop, and implement new products such as clothing. Additionally, from what you know, what kinds of items are able to be produced? Are we limited to clothing, shoes, etc. or will there be a vast variety of designed items such as vehicles, sunglasses, suits, ties, cosmetic items, wigs, etc. I hope to see an easily usable program that any player can pick up to design products. Second Life is really the only other example, but I feel this interface is complicated and not easily picked up. Thank you!
  5. Evidence and clues

    Playing cops and robbers will not be much fun for long without clues. Evidence items would add another level of game play allowing detective work. A clue item would be invisible and intangible but detectable with tools. Clue items are left by players setting up crime mysteries or dropped automatically by criminals and other players. Some are attached to items so when the item is moved its retained. A fingerprint, a chemical trace, an environmental clue, a document. A finger print gives a name, not necessarily the players name. The chem-trace defines equipment which in turn may be traceable. The Environmental clue gives an in world location elsewhere in the world, The documents are written by players creating the mystery and some of the other clues conceal a document file. An NPC body that may or may not match a player completes the game; the ultimate clue. Note this would not be early alpha but starting game play but it would extend the game into the mystery genre. A whole world full of "who dun its" as well as the basic existing proposed gameplay. It would be a little more work. Maybe 6 clue types to be left intentionally three Automatic clues: the prints, chem and environmental. The person creating the murder mystery need not be the criminal or the detective. He or she may be a suspect so they are in the loop. The challenge is to create crimes for others to solve. The passive clue drops make the basic cops and robbers gameplay more interesting. Breaking something leaves prints, the player leaves passive clues for several minutes after. They all link to the location on the map the criminal player frequents the most. There would be tools, gloves etc, that allow for players to limit the clues left. Anyone off line at the time of a crime has an alibi document generated. (This eliminates many non participants.) The basic forensic items would be: Magnifying glass, Causes clues to glow. Low probability. Infrared lamp: Causes large area glow. Higher probability. finger print kit. gloves: reduced the clue drop rate probability and duration. Sample bag. Get the clues bagged. Sample testing labunit. Chem trace bagged. Desk sized with a computer interface. Location Police stations, hospitals, morgue, jail annex and secret "batcave" detective base. Bullet matching kit. Large unit. Distribution: police lab, detective office. Gets gun type and match if the gun is inputted. Flora data map. environmental clue. A lop tops. Similar distribution. but may also be in hunting lodge. Boot print casing kit and data base. Give footwear type and suppler (in game shop). Filing cabinet. Converts some clues into documents (eliminates the need for shop keepers, etc, to keep detailed records, the clue item holds the "record" The filing cabinet unlocks it.)
  6. Will all the items and rewards that are available in the shop be available to the rest of the community players? Are the pledge items limited/exclusive to those who pledged or will they be available to all players, supporters or not, once the game is released?
  7. Rare Items

    Hey guys! I enjoy this site so much more than the other site. Great job John & Crew!. So i was wondering if you guys have thought much on rare items? That you could find on random locations and maybe profit. Much like WoW but in this category of games. Anyways keep up the great job! Peace.
  8. DLC?

    Just curious, and want to get your guys opinions on what you would like to see for DLC in Identity.
  9. Keep beta items?

    I know that the beta will come out long before the full release of the game, and have been wondering, will we be able to keep items and money we earn from the beta, and carry that over to the full game. This would be nice as many people right off the bat will be grinding hard for money, and it would be very sad if it would all be erased when the full game came out. What do you guys think?