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  1. Evidence and clues

    Good I see I missed a point in the devblog. No magnifying glasses don't make stuff glow but game mechanics generally needs some kind of interactivity indicator. I tried to play a game without one once and its was almost impossible to find anything.
  2. Evidence and clues

    Playing cops and robbers will not be much fun for long without clues. Evidence items would add another level of game play allowing detective work. A clue item would be invisible and intangible but detectable with tools. Clue items are left by players setting up crime mysteries or dropped automatically by criminals and other players. Some are attached to items so when the item is moved its retained. A fingerprint, a chemical trace, an environmental clue, a document. A finger print gives a name, not necessarily the players name. The chem-trace defines equipment which in turn may be traceable. The Environmental clue gives an in world location elsewhere in the world, The documents are written by players creating the mystery and some of the other clues conceal a document file. An NPC body that may or may not match a player completes the game; the ultimate clue. Note this would not be early alpha but starting game play but it would extend the game into the mystery genre. A whole world full of "who dun its" as well as the basic existing proposed gameplay. It would be a little more work. Maybe 6 clue types to be left intentionally three Automatic clues: the prints, chem and environmental. The person creating the murder mystery need not be the criminal or the detective. He or she may be a suspect so they are in the loop. The challenge is to create crimes for others to solve. The passive clue drops make the basic cops and robbers gameplay more interesting. Breaking something leaves prints, the player leaves passive clues for several minutes after. They all link to the location on the map the criminal player frequents the most. There would be tools, gloves etc, that allow for players to limit the clues left. Anyone off line at the time of a crime has an alibi document generated. (This eliminates many non participants.) The basic forensic items would be: Magnifying glass, Causes clues to glow. Low probability. Infrared lamp: Causes large area glow. Higher probability. finger print kit. gloves: reduced the clue drop rate probability and duration. Sample bag. Get the clues bagged. Sample testing labunit. Chem trace bagged. Desk sized with a computer interface. Location Police stations, hospitals, morgue, jail annex and secret "batcave" detective base. Bullet matching kit. Large unit. Distribution: police lab, detective office. Gets gun type and match if the gun is inputted. Flora data map. environmental clue. A lop tops. Similar distribution. but may also be in hunting lodge. Boot print casing kit and data base. Give footwear type and suppler (in game shop). Filing cabinet. Converts some clues into documents (eliminates the need for shop keepers, etc, to keep detailed records, the clue item holds the "record" The filing cabinet unlocks it.)